About Hans The Hiker:

Hans the Hiker

Traveler, hiker, blogger, photographer, music lover, lover of Good Mrs home cooking. Learns Spanish.

Lives in Melbourne, Australia. Dual Australian / Swedish and Global citizen.

I am predominantly a day hiker and prefer not to bring overnight equipment with me (call me old, call me a lazy bastard…). Having said that, I walked Camino Frances from St Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain in September and October 2015. There, I carried my own backpack and gear throughout the 775km of walking.

Lately, I have got interested in Stoicism, philosophy in general and am a huge fan of Ryan Holiday, his books and teachings.

About Hans The Hiker blog:

My posts are more “amusing” than “educational” as there are a lot of educational blogs out there. Personal thoughts, observations and some facts about what I encounter during my outings. Lots of photographs as I also enjoy photography.  I include Google Maps using .gpx coordinates where appropriate.

Since I have long been smitten by the travel bug, there are posts from different continents and countries.

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About the animation:

My animated face is created by my son Jeremy. He is a Designer and Animator who lives in Sydney, Australia, but may relocate to London, U.K. by middle of 2017. More about Jeremy and his work here.

Yes, Jeremy is “for hire”. Refer his website for details.

How Hans The Hiker blog is organised:

The Hans The Hiker blog is organised as follows:

  1. Walking the Camino – I walked Camino Frances end 2015 and I wrote one post for every day of walking and for the subsequent 2+ weeks during my “R&R”. I have structured the menu options and categories to enable easy access to specific parts of this adventure.
  2. Hiking – Hiking and walking, presented per country and region
  3. Home in Melbourne – Melbourne, Australia is where I currently live. Posts from events and happenings in my hometown
  4. Short Trips – Short travel “essays” from a few days here and a few days there (or even just a single day)
  5. Thoughts and Opinions – Random thoughts, observations, opinions and so on and so on… A bit of everything, maybe even venting…
  6. About – This page

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