Camino 12 days to go: The art of packing…

Packing, unpacking, repacking and… Then the same all over again.

Art of packing 1

Good Mrs has printed out my packing list at work so many times that she is understandably sick of it. But we are very close now.

Art of packing 2
Better be. I will leave in 6 days’ time. And besides, I can always get supplies in Spain.

Final thoughts:

Wherever I read about somebody undertaking a long distance walk, the message comes repetitively across loud and clear:

Keep the weight down. Your body, your feet, knees, shoulders etc etc will all thank you for it.

  • Without any food or drink, my backpack with contents adds up to around 7.5kg.
  • With water and snacks / lunch, it clocks in at around 9kg.

Bringing a minimum of 1 litre of water appears to be the Camino recommendation. Some stretches of the Camino, such as the long and scarcely populated Meseta (the dry high plains of central Spain), more water is recommended as the next waterhole may be some distance away.

On the other hand, the 7.5kg also weighs in all my clothes except for the minimum. As autumn progresses and presumably temperatures drop, I will obviously wear more clothing.

Also, much of the supplies and bottles are more or less full now and as I use the contents, the weight should drop there too.

Of course, all rookies, like me, try to anticipate what you need and should bring and therefore we all bring too much. “Just in case” which probably never eventuates. So things get discarded along the way.

You can find a list of what I brought, I carried and what I wore in this post packing list.

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