Camino Day 16: Burgos (Rest Day 3)

Despite having a rest day in Burgos, Win knocked on the door to the boys’ room just after 6am suggesting a pre-sunrise wander up to the Burgos castle. So that’s what we did. The boys went back to sleep.

I may have got a bit overboard with photos from this morning but hey, it was hard not to. Empty pre-dawn streets…

Burgos Cathedral in the moonlight.

Burgos Cathedral without the moonlight

On both sides behind the cathedral, there are steps so you can walk up the hill to reach Burgos castle.

Burgos Cathedral from next to Burgos Castle at predawn.

One more…

I used to be a werewolf but I’m alright noooooow…

Then… Dawn over Burgos.

Burgos town looked peaceful and beautiful from above at this early hour.

 Sorry, a few more early morning pics…

Win and I walked back down towards Burgos Cathedral as the sun started to rise.

We had a look inside the municipal albergue which looked big and modern. The cafe opposite the albergue was open so we entered for a morning coffee and a croissant.

Back at Hotel Norte y Longres, the doors to the commodor (dining room) were open so a quick peekaboo inside.

It looked stylish. But at 6.60€ per person for a continental breakfast, it was never going to be an option.

A bit of R&R followed for me while the boys had now started to move and were out in search of breakfast.

A visit to an ATM and to a supermercado preceded the visit to Burgos Cathedral.

I found Burgos Cathedral way over the top. It was displaying both excessive wealth and gruesome biblical activities. Nothing too inspiring in my view.

Anyway, here are some pictures from inside Burgos Cathedral:

These portraits were presumably of Archbishops…?

The courtyard inside of the cathedral though was quite lovely.

Lunch at 2pm was a tapas degustation menu. At my suggestion. It sounded like a fun thing to try. You get a bit of everything.

A blackboard outside advertising their tapas goods attracted me.

Nine different tapas to try for 10€ per person sitting out on the terraza.

There was a tapa, morcilla Burgos, which is black pudding that I refused to eat, but otherwise OK. Not quite like Good Mrs tapas home cooking, far from it, but we had a nice relaxing meal.

After some vino tinto, I returned to the hotel to take full advantage of its facilities.

Huge bathroom. And yes, I did have a bath.

There would have been a bunk bed or two in the bathroom if the hotel would have been an albergue.

Dinner was this…

Yes, of course, you can both start your day with Weetabix and you can finish it with Weetabix. When I found Weetabix on the shelf of a supermercado, I just had to get it. Sheer deprivation.

I also purchased a pack of 25 Twinings English Breakfast teabags. Some albergues have microwave ovens so it is possible to heat up water. No kettles so far. Anyway, the 25 pack cost less than 1€.

So, a bit more volume in the backpack tomorrow although none of this is heavy.

Except that I will be entering the long and dry and without much shelter meseta tomorrow. The recommendation is to always bring extra water there and I will carry 2 litres with me vs the normal 1 litre. It is what it is…

287km walked. 498km left to walk.
No change from yesterday.

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