Camino Day 13: Granon to Villambistia 22km

Late start this morning at 8am.

There was a bit of coordination as there were a few of us now. Ben (Australian), Aaron (English), Margha (Spanish), Win (Kiwi) and Sophie (German). Those were my walking buddies today.

We soon departed La Rioja and entered the next province, Castilla y Leon.

The landscape was no longer dominated by vineyards. Instead, it was general farming and sunflowers. Dead sunflowers.

The Camino took us through several ghost towns and villages. Where there was nobody around, but crumbling buildings or incomplete constructions. You half expected a gunslinger riding in on a horse, looking over the place and deciding to move on. It all seemed sad and you wondered what people did and lived off in these places. How did they support themselves?

There were some colorful and beautiful buildings like the one below.

Right of a sudden I saw something moving on the path. A snake. A black snake.

This black snake was tiny and nothing like its Australian counterpart with the same name. Although the snake would give you a bite if you got close enough to it. We tested.

We arrived in Villambistia around 2pm and to a lovely neat and clean albergue called San Roque.

The illusion of peace and tranquillity was soon shattered. Another female pilgrim who arrived not long after us, found a “bed bug” on her bed. Or so she thought. And claimed. On a bed that none of us had even touched.

The anti-bed bug machine kicked in. The hospitalero arrived spraying the particular bed. She then ordered us all outside to check out our own gear. Particularly he sleeping bags. And we were to leave the sleeping bags out there in the sun.

Soon the outside terrace looked like this. A Chinese laundry…?

There were pilgrim clothing and backpacks everywhere. Checked for bedbugs and then aired out in the sun.

None of us found anything suspicious in our gear. Except for Aaron who found something small black perhaps moving pin sized something. It could have been a bed bug. Or it could be something else.

Oh well, time will tell whether any of us are carrying anything. Or whether we got bitten by anything.

Dinner was a fun affair in the Internet room of albergue San Roque. Lots of laughs. Silly jokes. Stupid comments. Now, post-dinner, there is some more vino tinto that needs to be drunk so we better leave it there.

244km walked, 542km left to walk after Day 13

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