Camino Day 26: León to Villavante 32km

I left Hostel Albany in León behind me just after 6.30am. All packed up and walking in the dark.

I thought that I may encounter hiccups in finding Camino markers in the dark with streetlights only. But it was all good.

Getting out of León through its industrial west zone was boring and uninteresting. This skinny building to the left was different as it sat next to the train lines.

But otherwise dull as…

Case in point. The Camino follows the main road and passes the León satellite town of La Virgen Del Camino. At one point it circles this service station to the right. Not sexy. Maybe once, but not now.

Soon though the pilgrim had 2 Camino route options as per the sign below.

I chose the alternativo broken line Camino route. Camino principal seems to follow the main road N-120 for a long time. I had enough of that on the way into León. And this morning.

Also, my intended destination for tonight was Villavante. Which is on the alternative route only.

I think I made the right choice. First though the alternative route had to negotiate a spaghetti freeway junction. Cute sticker added onto this sign.

Soon enough I was walking on and along country roads. Some sealed, most not. Almost no traffic though apart from a few tractors and a couple of cars.

Somebody wanted to cheer up the pilgrims here. See back of traffic sign.

The town of Oncina after 10km was my intended first stop for a break. Perhaps I may be able to get a cuppa there. Then I saw this guy, providing pilgrims with plenty of refreshments in return for a donative. A sort of on-road hospitalero.

I had a coffee and chatted with the guy for a while. He had me writing in a guestbook.

Can you believe it? Pilgrims from both Iceland and Greenland had passed through that small town of Oncina? At least according to his guest book.

The “hospitalero’s” blue storage unit is a “pilgrim dome”… He told me so.

I confirmed from the map below that I had another 20km to walk today. Which I knew.

Most of today’s Camino looked like the below. It is much nicer to walk here than walking along a busy road. Probably less so during and after heavy rain.

A cute Camino de Santiago sign in Chozas de Abajo.

There were more Camino art in Villar de Mazarife. The piece below was all made in mosaic.

Hola de los dos peregrinos (Hello from the two pilgrims)

Approaching Villavante on a very straight road.

I arrived in Villavante around 1.30pm. I had then done 7 hours and 32 km of walking for the day. I did toy with the idea of doing another 4.5km to the next town but decided not to.

Besides, it started to drizzle just as I arrived in Villavante so I took that as a sign that this was it. So I checked in at the Santa Lucia albergue in Villavante.


Albergue Santa Lucia from another angle.

The albergue had a resident talking parrot who could say “hola”. Yes, I had several “conversations” with it.

After “skyping” with Good Mrs back in Australia and after a nice shower, it was R&R for the rest of the afternoon.

The “Isle of Skye 3” crowd turned up a bit later, as did a Swedish woman from Skåne who didn’t like cities. Also the loud “Korea 3” who couldn’t handle cerveza in Terradillos de Los Templarios.

Yes, you can walk… far… But you cannot hide.

Lazy arvo and then “menú del peregrino” which started at 6pm rather than normal 7pm. I shared a dining table with 2 Americans, Linda from California and Ed from Illinois and with that Swedish woman Kia. We had a pleasant hour and a half eating, drinking and chatting before we all retired.

The weather forecast for the next 2 days is not good. 60% precipitation forecast for tomorrow Sunday and 100% for Monday. Showers, rain and maybe thunderstorms.

Monday also happens to be a Spanish national public holiday, Hispanic Day.

Let’s see what’s doing tomorrow morning.

502km walked. 283km left to walk after Day 26

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