Camino Day 12: Najera to Granon 28km

One can only snap so many pictures of sunrises and Camino trails. So here are a few more as I left Najera 🙂  Apologies, the time and place looked too good for not taking photos.

El Caminante.

Disappointment in the town of Azofra. This running water was no longer fit for human consumption. The sign says so.

The town of Cirueña felt like a sad place. A boom and dust kind of town. There was a luscious green golf course as the Camino trail approached the town and then this. The streetscape laid out but there are no houses. Many of the existing houses were “tu vende” or “se aquila“, for sale or for rent.

A revamped pedestrian crossing in Cirueña. There was a bit of invention there.

The town of Santo Domingo appeared in the distance but it was still another 4km away. The wide open spaces do deceive.

I decided to walk beyond Santo Domingo. That is despite its listing in the guidebook as the suggested destination after Naraja.

The next town beyond Nayara was another 7km away and called Granon. And in doing so I stumbled onto I don’t know how many other familiar pilgrim faces.

Granon has two main albergues. One has mattresses on the floor and comes with a fee and one has beds and is donativo.

I and my fellow pilgrims chose the donativo called La Casa de las Sunrisas.

La Casa de las Sunrisas was a real character place. A ramshackle hippie kind of joint with graffiti on walls. Some pics.

My fellow pilgrims Win from Brisbane via the Cook Islands and Jane from Cardiff, Wales, U.K.

Margha from Majorca, Spain, and Aaron from Manchester, U.K.

I spent the afternoon enjoying a beer with the Camino buddies. From the left are Aaron, me, Ben, Win, Dave from Canada, Jane and finally Helena also from Canada. Yes, a few more beers after that. Much pleasant and relaxing.

There was a Swedish guy, Ludvig, from Norrköping, sleeping in the bunk bed above me. He is only the second Swede I met on the Camino so far. He was not so talkative so I only exchanged a few words with him.

There was a communal dinner starting at 8pm. Food was lentils, roasted potatoes, rice, salad, and bread. Nice peasant food. And a fun and relaxing time around a couple of communal tables.

Not a lengthy blog post for today but that will have to do. Buenas noches.

222km walked, 564km left to walk after Day 12

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