Camino 2 day after: Santiago de Compostela

Rain had fallen overnight in Santiago de Compostela. Despite Weather Channel’s assurances last night of cloudy weather only. It didn’t matter.

I had no particular plans for today anyway other than more strolling and some shopping. And goodbyes. To whoever was still in Santiago?

First some grooming. I was having a haircut but unfortunately they didn’t provide shaving services. I had to do the shaving the old fashion way later.

This was my chosen peluquería in Santiago de Compostela for no other reason than that I walked past it.


After haircut:

Would a pair of black sunglasses and a hat make me look like a certain Heisenberg? With apologies to the TV series “Breaking Bad”.

The “new” me follows, complete with crappy haircut and crappy shave. I used a cheap shaver from the supermercado and soap. I looked like a bad passport photo after that haircut and shave:

After haircut and shave:

That tarting up will have to do until I get home. I have a couple of cheap shavers left so I will have another shave before flying back.

I was catching up with 3 pilgrim ladies for a final lunch before we all scattered to various places. Left to right are Win, Deb, Jane and me.

If my calculations are right, by tomorrow the four of us will be in 4 different countries. Me in Portugal, Jane in UK, Deb in Spain and Win in Ireland.

Lovely tapas bar that Deb, who has been to Santiago before, chose for us. A place where locals go.

I had a prawns and octopus tapas, same style of octopus as 2 nights ago. And this time I took a photo of it. Still yummy.

We shared a bottle of Ramon Bilbao vino Tinto, which I have had before and is an excellent drop.

Wine is serious business in this tapas bar. Which didn’t prevent them from also display 5 litre bottles of wine.

After lunch it was bye bye kiss kiss and we then all went our separate ways.

I went tourist shopping and picked up 2 t-shirts and 1 fridge magnet. Then a walk back to the hostel with my goods for some downtime. Aka siesta.

Post siesta, I put my earbuds in and went for a walk. My intention was to see parts of Santiago de Compostela that I haven’t seen. And to take some photos of interesting things. It felt a bit like a movie where your eyes are the camera lens and all you have is music in your ears.

The markets post market hours were empty and awaiting clean up.

Interesting set of doors.

Street corner.

On the other eastern side of Santiago de Compostela, the way we walked into town on the last day of the Camino. The cathedral in the distance. Of course.

This is taking security to a whole new level.

Rua de Carretas is where the new Pigrim Office will be…

…which is here.

Partially restored statue.

I had to take a pic of the tourist train “littering” the medieval streets of Santiago de Compostela…

An afternoon gelato followed. And a quick visit into a pub to check out the Vigo vs Real Madrid football game. Then back to the hostel “The Last Stamp”.

I had a lazy evening snacking and drinking a few beers in the hostel kitchen downstairs. While planning for travelling to Portugal and Porto tomorrow and for beyond that.

Last night in Spain for this time.

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