Melbourne: Coast Path – Mordialloc to St Kilda 25km

Yesterday 70km of cycling, today 25km of walking. I’m taking full advantage of the 2 consecutive days of lull in rain…

Today, it’s train to Mordialloc. I will walk the Coast Path along the north eastern shore of Port Phillip Bay back to St Kilda. From where I take the tram back to town.

Map of today’s proceedings…

Brilliant clear blue skies as I started walking in Mordialloc. Lovely with all the boats along Mordialloc Creek just before it meets the bay.

Boats moored at Mordialloc

Construction work at the mouth of Mordialloc Creek. OK, photo included because I thought the colours looked great.

Work in progress where Mordialloc Creek meets Port Phillip Bay

I am happy as Larry to be out and about in such gorgeous weather. Can you blame me…? Listening to South American travel music today. Yep, that’s the name of the Spotify playlist.

Hans The Hiker follows the Coast Path

Plenty of refreshment opportunities along the Coast Path. Below is a lovely water front cafe not far from Mordialloc. Or you can just bring your own supplies and take advantage of the many picnic facilities. Like I do…

Cafe in Parkdale not far from Mordialloc

You will find several of these concreted walkways along the beaches. They appeared and disappeared throughout the day. Many stretch for some distances.

Beach side walk in Parkdale

Along water, there are usually headlands too. Nothing challenging and offering great views as you ascend.

Looking south east from where we came – Parkdale

The Coast Path has 3 forms:

  • A compact sand path through the vegetation between Beach Road and the beach – like below
  • Beach walking (tide permitting)
  • Walking along Beach Road where there is a shared bicycle / pedestrian path. These are in minority and mostly you can substitute with beach walking
Coast Path

The plaque below commemorates where 3 famous Australian artists first met. The painters Tim Roberts, Frederick McCubbin met with Arthur Stratton here in 1886. The three with others later founded the famous Heidelberg Art School.

You find many of locations for these artists’ paintings along Heidelberg School Artists Trail. Refer my Greensborough to Alphington walk.

Plaque commemorating 3 great Australian painters

During beach walking, you will pass new or not so new life savings clubs along the way. This one is being refurbished.

Surf Life Saving club house

Meanwhile up on Beach Road, I recall this building being just the facade some time ago. Everything else gutted and removed. I must admit that the result is impressive. Not cheap one would suspect given that the building faces Port Phillip Bay.

Real estate unlikely to go for a song

Plenty of blue tiles along the Coast Path. Here decorating a beach bench. More often as smaller decorations on or alongside the path.

Decorated beach bench

I mentioned occasional walking along Beach Road. In the interest of disclosure, I include a picture. Wide path but noisy and you try to avoid walking there. But…

Shared cycling / pedestrian path along Beach Road

… turn around from above, walk 10 meters and you see this. At low tide, you can probably avoid road walking all together.

10 meters away from the shared cycling / pedestrian path along Beach Road

Sometimes the Coast Path follows the edge of the headland like below. And you then get…

Headland path

…plenty of great views.

Views from that headland path

Walking along the beach passing Brighton train station, the Brighton Bathing Boxes become visible. Melbourne’s skyline to the left in the distance.

Brighton bathing boxes and Melbourne skyline

Here are 4 of the bathing boxes up close and personal. Numbered up to 77 although there were even more of them further away.

Brighton bathing boxes

The bathing boxes are a major tourist attraction in this part of Melbourne. Rightly so. They are gorgeous. And no graffiti / street art in sight.

Brighton bathing boxes – a major tourist attraction

Middle Brighton Pier with the baths, a restaurant and outdoor cafe is not far from the bathing boxes. Perfect for a break. I probably should have taken a happy snap of the pier, to the left around the corner. Next time…

Middle Brighton

An interesting solution to a combined cycling and pedestrian path next to Middle Brighton Pier. It curls back and forth on top of the sand.


I continued walking into familiar territory around St Kilda and up to Acland Street for the tram ride home. Another much satisfying day in the sun and along the beach…

Additional notes:

  • Beach Road is one of Melbourne’s most popular bike routes. Particularly on weekends, you will find many riders there.
  • Today’s hike (or bike ride if you prefer) can be extended at both ends:

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