Melbourne: Daily Early Morning Walk 5km

Almost every morning here in Melbourne, I walk 5 km over one hour’s time. Weather permits and I don’t have anything else on. It is a great way of starting the day, to wake up, get the muscles working, think, reflect and to get inspiration.

High level, my morning walk takes me to Yarra River, across it and along it on the other side. Then across the Yarra again and back home. Bang in the centre of Melbourne. The walk looks like this on a map.

The photographs that follow are from different points in time. I have compiled them in chronological order the way the motives would appear during any one walk.

First, the back of Federation Square from Batman Avenue close to Flinders Street. So perhaps not the familiar image of Federation Square which is from the other side.

The high-rise buildings to the left are in Southbank and to the right are in the city centre.

Federation Square back

Early the Monday morning after the White Night weekend, a flashing symphony of signs lit up the dark. Now, White Night finished Sunday 7am. That means that these boards may have been on for 24 hours.

White Night depot

Sunrise over MCG, Melbourne Cricket Ground. I have seen many nice sunrises from that direction. White, yellow, red, turquoise…

MCG sunrise

Looking back towards the city from Yarra River. I never get tired of these views, particularly in the morning.

Skyline 1

Turn around from the previous photo and you will see this and Swan Street Bridge in the distance.

Swan St Bridge

The early morning rowers on Yarra River with Swan Street Bridge behind them.

Swan Street Bridge

Cross Yarra River over Swan Street Bridge and you reach the southern bank. There was plenty of fog this morning.


TV crews broadcasting from along Yarra River are a regular feature in the morning. As are hot air balloons whenever there is little or no wind.

TV reporter

More rowers from another more dramatic looking morning.


There is a stretch on the south bank just before Princes Bridge where it feels like Cambridge. Several Melbourne universities have boat houses here and there are rowing activities every morning. There was less activity but still activity here on the morning of Christmas Day. I like it a lot.

Boat clubs

The Melbourne morning skies come in a variety of colours as noted earlier. Some more dramatic than others. Yes, it can get almost crimson at times.


Sun is rising behind the Melbourne Art Centre and its tower.


Did I mention hot air balloons? Here is the Melbourne city skyline with Flinders Street Station in the foreground.


This lit up panda display appeared during the Chinese New Year festivities in 2016.

CNY pandas

Melbourne Cricket Ground and Yarra River from underneath the Princes Bridge.


Yes, it is easy to get overboard snapping early morning pictures. I have only included a handful here to communicate the feeling and for how nice this walk is.

Of course, this is only one of many “perks”. Melbourne is a great place to live 🙂

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