Melbourne: Lysterfield Lake Park 16km

Lysterfield Lake Park once provided Melbourne’s Mornington Peninsula with drinking water. Today, the dam and surrounding areas are an important refuge for native wildlife. I saw perhaps 100 wild kangaroos and lots of birds today. Plenty of rabbits too although not native. And with excellent hiking and for mountain biking trails.

My first hiking endeavour using our new car as transport was to Lysterfield Lake Park. Difficult to access via public transport, no such worries with car. I have wanted to see this park for some time.

I walked almost 16km on several trails as per this map:

Arriving at Lysterfield Lake Park just before 8am, I saw perhaps 10 wallabies and kangaroos around the parking lot. One specimen…

Skippy at the parking lot

I parked my vehicle and began hiking clockwise around Lysterfield Lake. There was even a “formal’ beach.

The beach

Of course, no water catchment without a dam. I reached it almost immediately. Plenty of seagulls were nesting on the rocks. Again, birds not particularly appreciating my presence, 5 or so seagulls circling above me. No swoops this time, they didn’t come too close.

The above beach in the distance.

The dam of Lysterfield Lake

Lysterfield Lake Park has trails just about everywhere. The mountain bike trails and hiking trails are mostly kept seperate, which benefits everybody.

Soon I was walking the Tramline Track. It follows an old tramway route which brought rocks from a quarry for the dam construction.

Today, the complete tramway evidence is this “memorial” trolley with loaded rocks.

Old trolley on the Tramway Trail

Did I mention wild kangaroos? In my first hour or so, they were everywhere. Unafraid of humans, even with joeys in their pouches. Sure, they kept an eye on me, and played chicken staring me out on the trail, but no aggression. More curious than anything.

Tip: Arrive at Lysterfield Lake Park early morning if fancy seeing wild kangaroos.

2 of possibly 100 wild kangaroos I saw on the day

In addition to Lysterfield Lake, there were dams and ponds throughout the park. Here is one.

Pond along the trail

Today was classic Melbourne weather. Four, or more, seasons in one day. The photo above was from perhaps 15 minutes before the photo below.

Storm clouds rolling in

Kangaroo and Joey, Melbourne suburbia and storm clouds in one frame.

Are you looking at me…

This is Trig Point Lookout, the tallest point in the park.

Trig Point marker

Turnaround from above for somewhat different weather.

No storm clouds in the other direction

Quarry Track follows the fence of a… quarry. Look closely and you may see a cockatoo halfway up that dead tree. Sure was noisy!

A lone and noisy cockatoo in the tree overlooking the quarry

I will avoid the Quarry Track next time. No reason to walk again as alternative trails are plentiful.

Today’s selfie outside quarry

Mind you, the Quarry Track beyond the quarry offered some views…

Views north from the Quarry Track once you passed the quarry

End of Quarry Track and a break for me. At 10km, I had only seen 2 joggers. No other hikers or bikers.

Quarry Track / Glen Track intersection

South a kilometre and person 3 and 4 for the day appeared. Not too busy Thursday morning.

The very straight Lamberts Track

The below puzzled me. Along 100 meter or so, there were plenty of these worm like creatures. Barely alive. What are they?


An example of trail demarkation. I’m impressed!

Mountain bike track – no hiking / walking

Then it was trails and hike end with my return to the parking lot.

Behind these gates is a wildlife conservation area from where I returned. Behind me below is the road into the park and behind left is Lysterfield Lake.

End of hike

I returned to my car, changed clothes and drove the short distance to park opposite the beach. I had my lunch there utilising the provided picnic tables and benches. There is a cafe within Lysterfield Lake Park, which I saw from the car, but didn’t explore.

In summary, Lysterfield Lake Park is a great destination for hiking, mountain biking or for a picnic, relaxation or swim. No wonder Lysterfield Lake Park can be popular…

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