Melbourne: Newport to Altona Beach 16km

Easter long weekend. The One and Only Son is visiting from Sydney for the 4 days.

He, Good Mrs and I needed do to something to counter the over-eating and the over-drinking that had taken place. All those calories from chocolate did not help either…

So on Easter Sunday, the three of us decided to do a coastal walk. A “flat as a pancake” walk. No hills at all.

We took the train to Newport Station from where we started walking as follows:

From Newport station, we walked straight east to the water next to Greenwich Baseball Reserve. There it opened up and you can see back to town. The mouth of Yarra River where it flows into Port Phillip Bay is also right here.


Here are my two walking companions for the day, Good Mrs and the One and Only Son. They look keen to get going…


There are some amazing fishbowl houses along The Strand as you follow the water’s edge south. None more than this one. Yes, that is a full sized horse up there…


If you look at that same house from the front, there are some other familiar characters next to the horse…


Further south along the water is Williamstown. It used to be a major shipbuilding, cargo port and defence post in the past. Some of that remains but these days it is more of a tourist destination. You can get to Williamstown via ferry from downtown Melbourne. Plenty of places to eat and drink.


The Titanic Theatre Restaurant is just south of Williamstown’s town centre. They have done a pretty good job externally of making it look like that doomed ship. But if you didn’t recognise those four chimneys, the name is spelt out to the left.


Titanic Theatre Restaurant from the corner of Nelson Place and Kanowna Street.

Hey, I noticed that Tripadvisor has rated it number 1 out of 91 Williamstown restaurants. No, I haven’t been there yet…


Hans The Hiker off Battery Road at Point Gellibrand Coastal Heritage Park. How flat is this?


My fellow walkers rehydrating themselves. And enjoying themselves as well. The walk couldn’t have been too hard on them.


This set up along Kororoit Creek has seen better days. Woodwork is falling apart. Fences and barbed wires are disintegrating. Boats are sinking. It makes us laugh every time we pass here. Although it looks like it is still in use.


The trail took us through Altona Coastal Park and through PA Burns Reserve.

Even Google Maps lists this beach as a “Dog Friendly Beach”, whatever the name of the beach is. Fewer dogs than last time we were here but still quite a few. There were many more to the right of the photo.


We had hit low tide and a pungent smell hit our noses from rotting sea weed. I have to say that I don’t mind it. Yes, it stinks, but it is all just part of nature.


A still day today, low tide and people were fishing up pippies (clams) from out of the mud. Or at least that is what we assumed that the guy in the photo below was doing.


A small section of the surfaced path is missing here. The path falls back in line just behind where Good Mrs and the One and Only Son are standing there.

Why did they “go cheap” here and used part of the parking area for the trail? Perhaps the bushes were worth saving? Me being the cynical one thinks that the council money for the project may have ran out…


Soon, we arrived at the pier on Altona Beach. This was our destination for the day with Altona station just a few blocks inland from here. First though we found a chargrill chicken shop where we rewarded ourselves with lunch.

And once again, we ate far too much food as it was delicious. All those calories returned to our systems in no time flat…


In summary, Newport to Altona Beach is an easy but pleasant walk along the coast. You may call it a stroll in fact but still much enjoyable. Easy to get to and easy to return from as well.

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