Melbourne: Yarra Bends circuit 20km

The Yarra Bends circuit may be the closest hike of some distance to the Melbourne city centre. I have hiked it many times before and observant readers may recall another post from there, with a slight variation of path. Link here.

Today I am testing out whether the healing of my dislocated shoulder from a month ago could take 20+km with hiking poles. It could! Although I was a bit sore afterwards. Also, we are going to New Zealand for a week in a few days time. Need practice. And it is a warm and beautiful spring day.

The map:

I also found this map of Yarra Bend Park with hiking trails marked. So I include it too.

Map of Yarra Bends Park

Me, happy as Larry to be out and about. There has been a long, cold and wet winter in Melbourne (and elsewhere in southeastern Australia) but today it became positively balmy. That is… 24 degrees Celsius.

Hans The Hiker with Yarra River and Studleys Park in the background

I don’t include many “obvious” pictures today as the earlier post had them. Rather, the included pictures are a little bit different.

Here is one, from underneath Johnston Street, road 34, which becomes Studley Park Road.

Under the bridge

Green and lush after all the rain. This is close to Yarra River and Dight Falls.

Almost like Ireland… Green and beautiful

Dight Falls had more water coming down that I have ever seen before. Normally, this is little more than a trickle. Yes, it is called “falls”…

Dights Falls

At Bell Bird Park, there is a flying fox platform. For flying fox viewing. No, they will not attack you unless you approach them like if someone is on the ground. Normal animal behaviour in other words. Plenty of flying foxes, noisy and, yes, smelly too.

Flying fox platform in Bell Bird Park

A couple of pictures from Yarra River and its surrounding. Brown it is, plenty of mud, but still beautiful.

Yarra River I

And here with Fairfield Boathouse in the background. A place I always stop at for a break.

Fairfield Boathouse across Yarra River

More of Yarra River…

Yarra River II

Today was so sparkling green that you may think that you are in Europe. What happened to this sunburnt country? Not here anyway.

Green and beautiful…

The name bridge from above was once a lot smaller construction. This is how it looks today from Studley Parks Road.

Entrance to old bridge across Yarra River – what’s left of it

And this is where the bridge crossed Yarra River. Charming I say. A different era.

Former bridge across Yarra River – what is left on the eastern side

You can spend half a day in far worse circumstances than what I did today. This is a truly enjoyable hike, with most of it utilising “proper” hiking trails. You do have to venture into suburbia for a short part of it, and some is on parkland trails, but hey, it took me perhaps a 20 minutes tram ride to get there.

After finishing the hike, you can always cross Victoria Road and enter the shopping centre. Plenty of coffee shops, food court and an IKEA cafeteria are all there for refreshments.

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