Snowy Mountains: Bobs Ridge / Cascade Hut Return 20km

The Cascade Hut trail is another favourite of mine due to its isolation, beauty and sense of wilderness. This is the third time that I walk this particular trail and Good Mrs joined me today.

We drove past Thredbo village and parked off Alpine Way. Opposite from where the Dead Horse Gap trail comes down from the mountain.

Below is the parking lot and trailhead just before 8am. A brilliant sunny and frosty autumn morning in the Snowy Mountains.

You may see our intended walk in the lower left of the signboard.

A kick off early morning selfie.

Yes, there was frost around and even a bit of ice on top of the water poodles.

Walking along and then across the first of the two valleys. You could see our trail disappearing into the distance on the other side of the creek.

It was on that other side of that creek that I saw a bunch of brumbies during my first hike here. Unfortunately, no brumbies visible today. Di speculated that they may moved down to lower altitudes. Well, autumn’s colder weather is approaching. Perhaps so.

Here I am on the long slog up to Bob’s Ridge.

And we had a well deserved rest at the top of Bob’s Ridge. Even though Bob’s Ridge is the tallest point for this hike, the views were OK but not brilliant. One compares it to many other sites in the Snowy Mountains. Too many snowgum trees in the way.

Beyond Bob’s Ridge, it is down down down for a long while. The return back up is the toughest slog of this hike as it feels like the upwards will never stop. But for now it was easy going coming down.

And then we are out in the open again, in the second valley and likely old grazing grounds. I so much enjoy it there as you feel so isolated and rarely see anybody else.

Another creek to pass.

Soon on the other side of the creek, among the trees, is Cascade Hut, our destination for the day.

Cascade Hut is a rustic old shelter.

Inside the hut, there is only one sleeping platform…

…but there were some bits and pieces in there to support a reasonable night’s sleep.

Cascade Hut was our destination for the day and we would return the same way from there. So, we had our lunch next to the fire pit. A selfie in the sun as the weather now was most pleasant and mild.

The dunny was seperate to the hut and in the bushes some steps away. The experience can not have been too bad judging by Good Mrs facial expression.

After a delightful 30 minutes or so lunching and relaxing, we pack up for our return hike the same way we arrived. Here we are looking down over valley number two from the Cascade Hut side.

The slog up up up to Bob’s Ridge took some time and effort but we made it back there without too much trouble. I took the opportunity to air out my boots as we had another break up there.

It is some 4.5 km left back to the trailhead from Bob’s Ridge, but you do feel that you are on the homestretch now. The rest is downhill and apart from keeping your balance on top of all the rocks around, not too strenuous.

Here we are looking down at the first valley during our return.

We soon arrived back at the trailhead along Alpine Way where we had parked our car.

Now, we were thinking that we deserved a coffee and cake down in Thredbo Village. You pass it on the way back, so that was what we did. Much pleasant to sit there outside in the sun and enjoying a hot cuppa. All good.

2 thoughts on “Snowy Mountains: Bobs Ridge / Cascade Hut Return 20km

  1. Hello Hans and Good Mrs,
    Lovely posts on S Mts. walks. Just wondering, those trails look very well signed, do you still carry a “proper” map or does Nat Pks publish something for hikers?

    1. Hi Terry,
      I am lucky as my wife’s uncle lives in Jindabyne and is a keen hiker. Hence he “knows it all”.
      It is a few years ago, but my recollection is that all hikes were very well defined and you wouldn’t lose your bearings.
      Still, if you are uncertain, please visit NPWS. I strongly recommend the Charlotte Pass walk, but on a “clear day”. My favorite. Stunning views and top of the world.

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