Snowy Mountains National Park: Pallaibo Track 5.6km

My third hike over three consecutive days in Snowy Mountains via Pallaibo Track was a short pleasant bush stroll. In the lower Snowy Mountains this time. You may wonder what Pallaibo means? It’s aboriginal for “By’n’By”. There you go…

The hiking map:

The Pallaibo Track starts at Sawpit Creek camping area and ends in a picnic area where Thredbo River and Kosciuszko Road meet.

Here are Good Mrs and Uncle H pondering the hiking options at the start. As you can see, Pallaibo Track is 11.6km return. We had two cars so walked one way only. More a “stretching the legs” kind of hike after yesterday’s 20km in alpine country.

Let the hiking begin

A pleasant day, return of sunshine, and I’m looking like a sun-starved European, sucking it all in.

Hans The Hiker enjoying the sun

Surrounded by bush today. So different from yesterday’s alpine hike.

Plenty of Australian bush today

I include a picture of stone steps forming a short track descent. I just liked them…

Stone steps

A couple close-up photos of interesting trees…

First looking up one of the gum trees, losing its bark. As did many other surrounding trees.

Up tree

A great example of scribbly gum. The scribbles come from larvae of scribbly gum moths which leave distinctive scribbly burrowing patterns on the bark. Amazing, isn’t it?

Scribbly gum

Suddenly, the land opened up. Autumn has arrived and plenty of poplars with yellow leaves around Thredbo River. Jindabyne would be some distance away behind those hills.

Out of the bush

Along Thredbo River, the yellow leaves of the poplars were dramatic against the surrounding landscape. I shot a number of photos and this was my favourite.

Yellow leafed poplars along Thredbo River

Good Mrs and Uncle H inspect what looked like a rockslide down the hill on the left.

Rockslide next to track

We took our time and arrived at the picnic area along Thredbo River after 2 hours. Despite only having rested once along the way. Not bringing any lunch with us, we car-shuttled back up to Sawpit Creek and then drove both cars back home for lunch.

Pallaibo Track is a pleasant and gentle bush walk. Most people would be able to do a return hike without much effort. If you don’t have access to two cars.

A tip, if one vehicle only, park your car where we finished and walk up to Sawpit Creek first. Thredbo River here is outside the park’s entry gates and hence no fee collection. Although, a sign says that you should still pay.

If that troubles your conscience, you can drive Kosciuszko Road across Thredbo River to the other side. It is outside the national park and parking there is free. Just check the signs first…

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