Sydney: Circular Quay / Bay Walk Loop 25+km

Early morning start from Circular Quay at just after 7am for a 25+km hike of Sydney’s inner west. I know that Runkeeper says 23.3km but the darn thing halted during my home stretch along Pyrmont Bridge Road.

Anyway, a beautiful crisp autumn morning as I was heading towards and across the Rocks.

I haven’t put much attention to this artwork in the past, but this time I realised that it is depicting Jack Mundey, the union and environmental bloke who is credited with saving The Rocks from the bulldozers back in the 70s.

Early morning light over some of the older buildings and some of the newer ones as well.

I wandered across Observatory Park which looked really good at this time in the morning.

Plenty of exercise classes and personal trainers about. There must have been at least 10 groups from what I could see.

A selfie before the steps down to Kent Street on the western side of Observatory Park.

From up there, you also get a birds eye view of the Barangaroo redevelopment. And this is only parts of it, presumably most if not all of this will end up being a park… Hopefully.

Lots of steps to get down to Sussex Street, which I climbed down.

Familiar surroundings followed with King Street Wharf, Pyrmont Bridge, Pyrmont, Anzac Bridge and into Rozelle. I crossed Balmain Road and moved into the grounds of old Rozelle Hospital, which these days functions mostly as an offshoot of Sydney University. Time for a break.

I always liked the old hospital grounds. Lots of open space and green.

I walked across to Iron Cove and decided to do the Bay Walk anti clockwise. That means walking a short distance to the 2 Iron Cove bridges and get across. Guess which one is the newer bridge…

View of Iron Cove from the centre of the bridge.

The Bay Walk around a Iron Cove has always been a local favourite from what I could see, but its western side close to the bridge was very narrow for quite a stretch. It was much pleasing to see that since last time I was here, must have been 2012 sometime, they had significantly widen the footpath to safely accommodate both cyclists and walkers. Not all work was completed, mostly to the now much narrower road, but for a hiker like me it was very much a positive surprise.

On the other side of Iron Cove, looking back at the bridges and with the skyline of North Sydney in the background.

Leichhardt Council wants clearly to portrait itself as a green and environmentally aware entity. Note the depth marker. A couple of earlier high water marks were noted as well as the expected water level for year 2050 (in red). Hmm…

The old road bridge over Iron Cove Creek in Leichhardt has now been landscaped and is used for walkers and cyclists.

Then onto the eastern side of Iron Cove where the path is already wider for a lot of the time.

As I completed the Bay Walk loop, I continued underneath the bridges straight ahead towards the Balmain Shores residential area…

…and up towards Balmain proper. Here is looking back across the water and onto Birkenhead Point.

Funny the things people leave for their council clean ups. Must be the first time I have seen a piano left out. Any takers?

Yes, it was early. 11am in fact, but I have had my mind on this Chinese hole-in-the-wall place in Balmain for lunch. I have been there many times in the past as for example the Harbour Loop or Seven Bridges Walk also passes here, but hey, the curry chicken with rice is good and for $8.50 the price is also right. Cold water is free and it is always good to rehydrate for a hiker.

From Balmain, I decided to wander through Glebe for my return towards the city and onto Circular Quay. There is some major redevelopment going on here next to Blackwattle Bay, but I could not see any sign giving away what it will become.

As I got into Glebe, I found film support vehicles parked next to Jubilee Park. This was in fact the second time I spotted these types of vehicles as there were also several of them next to old Rozelle Hospital.

Then on Glebe Point Road, filming was in full swing and I could see that the current scene was of 2 backpacker girls complete with lots of stuff tied onto their backs. It may not show in this picture below but on the left sidewalk there were rails for a moving camera.

It looked all very professional but I don’t know whether the 3 film sets were for the same movie, but I suspected that.

I completed my walk via the Fish Market, Pyrmont and as I mentioned earlier, Pyrmont Bridge, where Runkeeper took a break. From there it must be at least another 2km to Circular Quay, but let’s call it 25km in total.

After the ferry ride home, the swim in the harbour enclosure was just devine. The summer season is really stretching way into autumn this year. Crikey!

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