Sydney: Circular Quay to North Bondi 22 km

Eastern Sydney today. And the city beaches.

Ferry to Circular Quay from Manly and off I went. An early start as the hike started in town just after 7am. The initial weather was sunny but quite cool and very pleasant.

This photo is taken looking east from Macquarie Street with the State Library to the right.

This being early on a weekday, the various exercise classes were in full swing including what looked like “boot camp” training below. Unfortunately, it came across very clearly how dry Sydney is at the moment, we need some good soaking rain. Garden Island and Sydney Harbour in the background.

The many many steps up to Victoria Street in King’s Cross from Wooloomooloo (or sheep / toilet / cow / toilet as it sometimes is referred to). Yes, good exercise opportunities here. I walked up.

There is this narrow walkway between Maclay Street and Bilyard Avenue in Kings Cross that had some new paint applied since last time I walked here. There must have been some incident to triggered this…

Rushcutters Bay looked great in the morning, perhaps 7.45am or so.

My first break for the day after finding this shady bench at Rose Bay.

By the way, I try to have a 5 minutes or so break roughly every hour during my longer hikes, a good tip I read about in a book about long distance walking written by Mark Moxon.

The Hermitage Foreshore Trail starting at the water’s end of Bayview Hill Road forms part of this walk. It is a lovely coastal bush walk which took me to Nielsen Park via the magnificent Strickland House and its grounds below.

The path had been and is still being upgraded in several places, with nice boardwalks over some of the muddier areas. I love to see money spent on upgrading paths like this.

Second break for the day at Nielsen’s Park. Two small cans of tuna with lime and pepper / lime and chili consumed. Great hiking snacks. Manly bay can be seen in the distant background.

I love this old wooden bridge over Parsley Bay. The bay doesn’t actually go very much further inland here to the right, but it is such a great structure. I saw that some “improvement” plans had been created and were now open for public input. I certainly hope that it will be an improvement and not the opposite.

Third break for the day at Watson’s Bay, seen here with the city skyline in the background. A cup of caffe latte from a coffee stand at the wharf next to Doyle’s seafood take away (gosh, that place is expensive…) and I was walking up the hill towards the Gap for the second part of this hike traveling south.

Yep, the clouds were closing in, but it was still cool and pleasant at this time.

Looking back over the cliffs around Gap, North Head is across the water here. I noticed that there were even more anti-suicide notes and signs with Lifeline telephone numbers to call along the fence line than last time I was here.

For those who don’t know, the Gap is a notirous Sydney suicide spot where people jump to a pretty conclusive end. In fact, during one of my previous hikes here, I stumbled onto the aftermath of one such incident were a body was being vinched up… Let’s move right along…

The wind was now picking up further and there were some spits of rain coming down. Macquarie Lighthouse to the right, a building that we can see all the way from our place in Manly.

This is Diamond Bay and they have built a boardwalk on the other side which is very pleasant.

And the views back north from the above mentioned boardwalk.

A lone fisherman way down there…

Well, soon the rain started to come more violently horisontal and your humble narrator got soaked. Very soaked indeed. This photo is looking back not much north of Bondi as pointing the camera south at this time would have drenched it. The rain certainly drenched me.

So, as I arrived in North Bondi and there was a bus at the end terminus with destination “Circular Quay” displayed, looking to leave right now, I jumped onto it and thereby short cutted my intended hike just a tiny little bit (Bondi is just down the hill from there). But who cares, Bondi is an OK beach but of course it is nothing like Manly. Nothing at all…

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