Sydney: Manly to Lindfield 25 km

Very early start as this hike literally begins from our front door in Manly.

By 6.30am I was outside to a glorious morning, overcast and cool, perfect for hiking.

This is looking back towards Manly from Balgowlah up on the hill.

Well, I took this picture to show that not all of the day was through beautiful national parks. For a short while, very short while, I followed the northern beaches traffic feeder Burnt Bridge Creek Road. Just in front here, the path circles clockwise and you wander underneath the traffic.

First stop, after just a little more than 1 hour, I took a break at Seaforth Oval where young people were preparing for a cricket game this being a Saturday morning. There were great views over to Chatswood from the bench where I sat.

Seaforth Oval is a transit hub of sorts for long distance hiking. From here, you can find paths where you can later join the Great North Walk as well as a variety of other trails including the Harbour to Hawkesbury walking track which I would follow for quite a while from now on.

More info at Seaforth Oval.

And I was on my way on the Timbergetters Track (great name).

You are soon met with great views over Bantry Bay and the old Explosives Magazines on the other side, still out of bounds for us punters.

Second stop for the day is on a huge rock with great views back towards town.

OK, a selfie while having my break.

The Bay Track is now replaced with the Bluff Track for a short little while…

…and then the Natural Bridge Track which was very narrow in places with a fair bit of rock hopping required.

The reason for the name Natural Bridge Track as you actually walk across this “bridge”.

The Natural Bridge Track is actually a short cut to Currie Road Track. You can go the longer but easier way around and be out on this wider fire trail a lot earlier.

There were remarkably many trees across the various tracks today. This was one of the larger ones.

As noted earlier, the old Explosives Magazines including the space around them are not open to the public and suddenly you are met with its fence line. The track follows the fence parallel to the water in a north south direction.

And then the fence is no more and you now follow the fence line down towards the water. Plenty of water run off here and the track is not maintained at all by the look of it. Caution prevailed coming down here.

Looking across Bantry Bay from the other side, west to east. Timbergetters Track is over there somewhere.

Another hour and more has now passed and time for another break, at Flat Rock Beach.

Ahh.., this was nice after some 3 hours of hiking. Shoes off and the water was cool and nice.

Moving on and I could see construction work over at Roseville Marina across the water.

Then Roseville Bridge came into view.

I have had my lunch sitting here underneath Roseville Bridge at other occasions, but time now was not yet 11am so a quick water break only to fulfill old traditions.

I was now crossing Roseville Bridge to get to the other side and therefore had to say farewell to the Harbour to Hawkesbury track which continued to St Ives and beyond on the side I was on. Next time.

Noisy here, with lots of speeding traffic. Solution: music through earbuds.

I now followed Two Creeks Track for most of the remaining hike today. Just love these old rock sofas that you find in several places along the track.

Green and beautiful after a bit of rain lately.

The track goes underneath these rocks for a little while. Different and interesting.

The area around here was apparently used in soldiers’ training and preparation for the First World War.

A little later I had my tuna lunch along the track using a flat rock as my bench. Nobody disturbed the peace.

Close to Lindfield Oval, the Two Creeks Track crosses Eastern Artarial Road here and continues through the Seven Little Australians Park (fantastic name). Almost there.

The final couple of blocks to Lindfield Station is through suburbia and along Tryon Road. I saw several of these signs along the way, presumably for people coming the other way and wanting to get to the Two Creeks Track from the station.

Hike completed as a train was arriving at Lindfield Station almost as soon as I arrived. I took the train to Chatswood and then the 143 bus home to Manly.

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