Sydney: Megalong Valley to Cox River return 13km

This hike forms a small part of the famous 45km Six Foot Track which goes from Katoomba in the Blue Mountains to Jenolan Caves, all west of Sydney.

The stretch I was doing started off in Megalong Valley, some 8+ km from Katoomba and in the direction of the caves. The goal was to reach a “famous” suspension bridge across Cox River. Not a loop, so 6+ km there meant the same distance back.

Di and I drove to the trailhead along Megalong Valley Road to find the spot where the Six Foot Track crosses that road. Pretty easy to spot…

There was a huge signboard there providing an overview and the history of the Six Foot Track.

The first kilometer or so of the track is along a private road followed by several more kilometers of track across private grazing land.

As there is no equivalent of British Right of Way legislation or Swedish Allemansrätten in Australia, we have to thank the private landowners for letting hikers across their land.

Yes, cattle roams here and I don’t mean Di who joined me for the first kilometer.

And after this selfie, I said goodbye to Good Mrs who then turned around to return to our car.

Beautiful grazing landscape which was also very green after all the rain we have had lately.

Plenty of stiles as the Six Foot Track crosses the various enclosures

And a couple of gates as well.

We had read that there were several wooden stairs along the trail and that was not wrong.

Suddenly there was a small clearing with a bench. Somewhat unexpected. The red text spells “Rod’s Roast”.

The other side of the bench provided a bit more information. The Ron that the bench was dedicated to was a Rod McSevney who died early at 52 years of age. Given the scout logos and the inscription, Rod seemed to have been heavily involved with the scouts movement. However, what his connection was to this site and why the bench was there was not clear.

Nevertheless, the bench provided a natural spot for my first break for the day. As you could see in the photo above, there were some views as well.

This looked suspiously like a wombat hole. With very recent digging activity judging by the colour of the sand, which was spread over the trail.

An interesting looking boulder which had something hanging down underneath… What would that be?

Hmm… Wasp nests. Lots of them. Better move right along.

Love this. Reminds me of that photo of a road going into the distance and the caption that says “Sometimes this is all you need”.

Then suddenly a structure popped up in the distance.

Yes, I had arrived at today’s destination. The suspension bridge which is named Bowtells Bridge as you can see from the sign.

I had to wait for another hiker coming across from the other side before it was my turn. One person at on the bridge only at any time.

Now dear readers… Your humble narrator has to confess. I chickened out. I just couldn’t do it. This was scary.

I have walked across some pretty dodgy bridges including one in Taman Nagara National Park in Malaysia which was half suspension bridge and half a ladder going up. With no connection point to the ground in the middle.

But this one. This was nothing more than chicken wire. The swingability factor was 10 of out 10 (which was a fun game we played with Jeremy, my son, when he was younger and travelled with us). I managed perhaps a quarter out before I had to turn back. Several times. I just couldn’t do it “for the story”. Oh well.

I found a rock next to the bridge and next to this plaque where I had some nuts while looking at the thing.

So, then it was back the same way again. Another quick break at the bench and I was soon out on the grazing lands again.

Yes, it was most definitely beautiful. Very green.

Lots of rolling hills and it was sometimes a lot steeper than it looked in these pictures.

I was soon back at the trailhead where Good Mrs waited for me. There was a creek nearby and gosh, was it not fantastic to take off the hiking boots and let the cool water run over my feet. And on the other side of the creek was a camping ground with picnic tables. Perfect for lunch.

Unfortunately, we then had to leave the Blue Mountains to go back to Sydney. We had to return the car to my Mother-In-Law so next hike will be closer to home again.

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