Brisbane Ranges National Park: Boar Gully circuit 14.7km

Another weekend and another hike with YHA Bushwalking Club for me, this time 80km west of Melbourne, to Brisbane Ranges National Park and a circuit out of Boar Gully Camping Ground. The map…

Here are today’s wannabe bushwalkers, waiting at Boar Gully Camping Ground for everybody to turn up.

Parking at Boar Gully Camping Ground

15 hikers in the end, on our way along Little River Track. Surprisingly dry surroundings given that greater Melbourne and Victoria received quite some rain lately.

YHA Bushwalking Club on the go

Today’s trails encompassed mainly wide fire and management trails. Trail junctions were mostly well marked like below.

Junction Old Thompson Track and Kangaroo Track

Not a huge elevation difference either, with reasonably flat trails. Well, as flat as walking along ranges in a national park can be. We chuffed along with some pace and soon it was time for lunch. The venue was an impromptu trail junction, with some views down that barrel. Nice enough. Will do.

The lady on the right below, in front of her “sit on” foldable hiking cushion, was today’s hiking leader. Let’s call her Ms. E.

Lunch break

The upcoming section of the Quarry Track, just after the junction of Slate Park, will pass a quarry before today’s only “serious” descent and then ascent.

Quarry x Slate Track

Yep, down there we shall go before we go up again on the other side…

Quarry Track before quarry and descent

…but not until passing that quarry. Slate quarrying by the look of it. The hikers momentarily stopped and explored.

The quarry giving Quarry Track its name

This next section of Quarry Trail was beautiful. Greener and lusher than elsewhere, likely due to lower elevation and water runoff.

The lushest part of today’s hike

I reached the bottom of the dip below and am now looking back. You can see part of the cut-out for the trail in the picture below.

The green and beautiful… it’s all relative… 😉

The ascent will begin…

Now, time to climb…

…and after some 5 minutes of huffing and puffing, that was it. How I looked after that burst of energy…

Hans The Hiker catching breath

These poles where Quarry Track meets Brisbane Track provided temporary rest for some of us. Others, like me, unfortunately, had to stand.

Quarry Track onto Brisbane Track

Scarce wildlife today… Apart of the mandatory screeching cockatoos, a mob of kangaroos bouncing away as the saw us, the guy below provided today’s amazement. The echidna dug and dug… Maybe to find ants, maybe to hide from us, maybe both… or maybe for something else. Funny animals…

Eddie the Echidna

Some junction signs were vertical like earlier, some like were horisontal the below. This sign looked fantastic with the shadows in the stark daylight.

Little River Track meeting Link Track

Now, our leader Ms. E was somewhat disrespectful below to the photographer, yours truly, wouldn’t you say?


On home stretch now, not far to go…

“Almost there” (That’s almost a hiking clique 🙂 )

Soon the clockwise loop completed and we followed the last stretch in the opposite direction from how we started. Boar Gully Camping Ground came into view and the completion of today’s hike. The 14.7km hike took exactly 4 hours including rest stops and regularly waiting for any stragglers.

Now, I left my thermos with hot water in the car and a muffin as a snack post-hike. So while the other YHA Bushwalkers left the camping ground one by one, I enjoyed a cuppa before departing last.

Didn’t that coffee just hit the spot… :-). Our 4-year-old “roughed up” thermos, purchased in Oban, Scotland in 2013, continue to provide value and pleasure…

Post-hike cuppa

I rank today’s hike as “easy”. Not much elevation difference apart what I refer to as “the dip”. Wide fire trails and management trails, occasional views, where you are unlikely to get lost provided you have a map. Predominantly hiking in the dry bush.

Nice enough, but a personal favorite, Lerderderg State Park, not far north of here, is more to my liking. Personal choice, of course, and since this was only my second hike ever in Brisbane Ranges National Park, I need to explore the park further.

Still, a lovely day out, with perfect cool and mostly overcast weather… Thank you Ms. E for organising the hike… despite “behaving badly” when photographed 🙂

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