Brisbane Ranges National Park: Three Creeks Walk 14km

The Three Creeks Walk in Brisbane Ranges National Park is a moderate 14km rollercoaster circuit. Getting there from Melbourne is a 100km freeway drive towards Geelong. Then driving north on smaller country roads. 

Hike as follows:

The Three Creeks Walk follows a combination of narrow tracks and management trails. It forms part of the multi-day Burchell Trail, supported by orange markers.

Great when you see them, like below, but not always markings present when needed.

Orange arrow marked Burchell Trail crossing management trail

The three creeks in order are Yankee Gully, Sutherland Creek and Graham Creek. You pass 2 camping grounds, with toilets, and 2 picnic grounds including The Crossing Picnic Ground, the trailhead. All provide picnic tables so plenty of breaks options.

The first 2km parallels Yankee Gully but sometimes unclear which is which. Like below.

“Creek” at left, trail at right.

First section has some mining history. Plaques informing of days bygone. “Traded on Melbourne Stock Exchange”. Impressive…

The Bernhardt Mine was here

Only remaining mining evidence that I found were two piles of rocks and dirt. Understandably, as mining was over 100 years ago.

“The Bernhardt Mine” today

Today’s new word was calcining. See plaque below. Calcining means “reduced by roasting or exposing to strong heat” according to dictionary. I did not know…

Calcining pits plaque

Those calcining pits today. Sure, some manmade activity, but… Who knows?

Calcining pits with sign

In my view, this is Australian bush at its best. Like an old colonial painting. After some 5km, before Friday’s Camping Ground.

Lovely gully with tall gums and blackwoods

Not sure whether this was intended or accidental. I’m standing on a management trail so not revegetation. Not enough space for vehicles. Your guess… Looked arty though.

Block or no block?

Friday’s Camping Ground was impressive. Plenty of tables, lots of space, nice toilet block… and only one set of campers and me. Go figure!

Friday’s Camping Ground

Moving on 2km to Old Mill Camping Ground. Nobody else there, one single picnic table, decisively less fancy but toilets provided. No sign of that old mill…

Sutherland Creek would run nearby… if it had water in it.

Old Mill Camping Ground

No, not another selfie. Yes, another selfie…

Me in front of the Century Mine remains, a small former gold mine.

Century Mine

A deep shaft underground, now gated for your protection. All under a roof.

Shaft of century mine

Yankee Gully appears again and now you cross it on a boardwalk.

Boardwalk over Yankee Gully

No water in Yankee Gully. Dry, dry dry..

Boardwalk crossed

I encountered some trail obstructions today. Trees across the path in various places. Like here. Now, how do I get across…?

Obstruction course

The Banksia Track followed a fence line, with Graham Creek downhill on right. Just me, the birds and the odd wallaby around.

Banksia Track

Choosing tracks… Let’s go Back…

Back Track-ing

Another example of today’s varied trail conditions. This underused Back Track management trail was surrounded by tall grass. After a rocky ridge followed by a rocky downhill path.

Grassy Back Track

Graham Creek Picnic Ground is less than 2km from the walk’s finish, but time to have lunch. A single picnic table, but nobody else but me. And lotsa flies… LOTSA FLIES!

Graham Creek Picnic Ground

Today’s echidna photo was from further away than the one from Dandenong Ranges. I think I spooked him anyway so didn’t want to follow into the bush. But hey, echidnas are seriously cute.

Today echidna proudly brought to you by…

Home run back to The Crossing Picnic Ground where my car was… still the only car there. Although, there were sign of earlier human activity…

Sign for shooting practice… clearly…

Perhaps I should leave…

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