Wombat State Forest: Domino Trail 13km (Trentham to Lyonville rail trail)

Sunday, Good Mrs and I drive west to the town of Trentham, to walk the Domino rail trail to Lyonville and back. The path is very straight and flat and shoots an almost direct line between the two towns.

The map:

Trentham turned out to be a lovely country town west of Melbourne. A real sea-change kind of place, we suspected.

We parked on High Street and got ourselves a cuppa at Trentham Bakery, there in the background. Before walking. The start of the Domino Trail is 300 meters or so away.

Good Mrs on High Street

No doubt that autumn has arrived. The colours of the trees are magnificent. Old Trentham railway station, the start of the Domino Trail, is at the end of this street (Market Street).

Colourful on Market Street

Sunday, market day in Trentham. Outside Trentham’s old railway station. At the end of Market Street above. Appropriate location!

The market holders sold goods off old train carriages. Besides the stalls around the station. Well, the carriages were already there…

Good Mrs checking what’s on offer

Guess which train platform we are standing on…

Old Trentham station

The start of the Domino Trail to Lyonville. For us. Off the platform. The finish for those other four people.

Start of Domino Trail, Trentham to Lyonville

Hans The Hiker is ready to walk. Somebody discarded a walking stick so I adopted it for a short while.

Doesn’t Trentham’s old railway station look fantastic? Most of the tracks are still there, now overgrown and green. Overcast day added to the overall atmosphere.

Hans The Hiker with a temporary “hiking pole”

Some info about the Domino Trail before we start walking…

The rail trail’s name comes from Domino Creek which the trail crosses. The original rail line once linked Daylesford and Carlsruhe but closed in 1978.

Wombat State Forest was once a logging area, which halted only to be reinstated as such in 1998. The locals managed to stop that intention through protection of the endangered owl. They also wanted to promote forest-based tourism. The proclamation of a Special Protection Zone in 2000 stopped logging in the area. For good this time?

The Domino Trail passes through the endangered owl’s habitat, but we didn’t see or hear any. Well, they may still be endangered. Plenty of cockatoos though…

Two signboards…

Domino Trail – signboard 1
Domino Trail – signboard 2

The below caught our eyes as we left Trentham station… Outside an industrial building. Not quite what I expected to find in a quiet picturesque country town like Trentham. There is a story here…

“The Zoo”

Let the flaneuring begin… Looking back towards Trentham Station with “The Zoo” on the left.

Trestle bridge – one of many, in various conditions

Straight down the barrel… A fantastic day for hiking. Or should I say strolling? The effort was low. The atmosphere was high. What a great way to spend a few hours on a Sunday…

Good Mrs leads the way

You could shoot dead straight photos forever… Looked awesome 🙂

The crooked road… NOT

Some derelict trestle bridges required bypassing. Like below…

Although, I suppose you could take your chances and walk across. Short fall if…

Trestle bridge beyond its prime

After all that straightness, here is something crooked. Interesting… How come?

Crooked gum

The Domino Trail had one single bench along its 6+ km. After around 4 km. We stopped there in both directions for a break. A cup of tea in the bush always taste so much better… The bush views on left were excellent too.

Hans The Hiker enjoying a cuppa and a Good Mrs homemade chocolate brownie

Lyonville at the end of the Domino Trail… Yep, that’s it. The trail suddenly stopped. Perhaps that was a station building but now it was private property. You turned right and ended up in a parking lot. Somewhat less exciting than Trentham station.

We just turned around and walked back…

Lyonville Station(?)

The Domino Trail’s logo is that endangered owl as you can see on the kilometer marker to the right. 6km back to Trentham from here. Yep, straight…

Returning to Trentham

The one single bend on the Domino Trail. Here, where the bridge over Domino Creek is… Or was…

Domino Creek and the bridge that was

Now in “dangerous” condition. The reason for that single dent on the map. Detour required. Fair enough.

Good Mrs and I returned to the car, changed clothes and dropped off our backpacks. We aimed for a hamburger/fish and chips lunch in a nearby older style corner shop.

For a Sunday out of Melbourne, you can do worse than driving to Trentham and walk the Domino Trail. Enjoyable country driving as well. Several pubs in Trentham offer “proper” meals if you prefer that to “takeaway”.

The Domino Trail is a true gem… 🙂

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