Great Ocean Road: Anglesea – Eumeralla Circuit 19km

This morning, I drove south from Melbourne, to eastern Great Ocean Road and to Anglesea, to hike the Eumeralla Circuit. Good Mrs is working in Sydney next few days and hiking in new destinations is now within reach (new car!). Anglesea for me for 3 days and 2 nights.

The Eumeralla Circuit starts on the Surf Coast Walk. First by following Angelsea River to its river mouth. Then northeast over the clifftops alongside the water.

You can continue walking the Surf Coast Walk to Torquay and beyond, but I turned inlands after some 7km.

Hiking away from the water was less interesting. You could be anywhere. Although, there was a wide variety of trails and scenery.

The map:

After walking down Noble Street from my hostel to Anglesea River, I was on the Surf Coast Walk.

Surf Coast Walk in Anglesea. Anglesea River to the right.

Pretty with plenty of water. Apparently, Anglesea River floods regularly.

On the Surf Coast Walk.

During high or medium tide, is it not recommended to walk along the beach. Looked like medium tide today so I chose the track above the beach (behind below).

Beach access point in Anglesea

Erosion, unstable cliffs and surfaces was today’s order. Like here where half of the path is deemed dangerous.

Unstable cliffs, keep clear

Pretty signs, wouldn’t you say?

Study of logos

Briefly, the Surf Coast Trail diverted away from my old map. Explanation here. Revegetation due to instability.

Decommissioned part of Surf Coast Walk

The Surf Coast Walk is also favoured by mountain bikers. Understandable!

For hikers and mountain bikers

Headlands along water are rarely flat. What goes down, must go up. However, only in a few places.

Stairway to heaven…?

Today’s first break after hiking 5km. Airing out the feet in the process.

Hiker rest

The views southwest from above. OK, I had to stand up, negotiate a fence and risk my life close to the edge for this photo.

Looking southwest back towards Anglesea

Views other way…

Looking northeast away from Anglesea

Watch for “To Hurst Road Carpark” sign below…

Turn inland

However, first more straight ahead. My map suggested go to this lookout. Here I am…

Hans The Hiker looking out

Lookout in other direction. Perhaps they could bring the lookout further…

Looking southwest from the lookout

What animal had dug below? A wombat?

Stirred up

Behind me below is Hurst Road…

Preparing for a sporting event next weekend

…essentially a fire trail. A tad dull.

However, I missed the right gate below. I continued some 500 meters too far and had to return back here.

Read the map, Hans The Hiker

An altogether different surface again…

Study of track surface I

And again…

Study of track surface II

Close to Great Ocean Road was a pond. Perfect. Although not quite noon yet, time to eat lunch.

Today’s lunch place

Suddenly, “Telegraph Road” appeared.

Telegraph Road

The Eumeralla Circuit circles the Eumeralla Memorial Scout Camp with this most impressive entrance.

Eumeralla Memorial Scout Camp

When did Telecom cease to exist as an Australian organisation? Rebadged Telstra ages ago, but perhaps not everywhere…

Telecom caution

Why is this named Firebreak Track? Mmmmmm… Anglesea Mine in distance

Firebreak Track

The Eumeralla Circuit eventually returns you to Anglesea River, which “just popped up” among the trees.

Anglesea River

Other Anglesea leisure activities include canoeing and fishing as demonstrated below.

Canoeing and fishing on Anglesea River

Coogoorah Park off Anglesea River looked like “tamed” wetlands. Plenty of wooden bridges, birdlife and young people fishing.

Russell – A wooden bridge across Anglesea River towards Coogoorah Park

Although not all wooden bridges went somewhere…

Evans – a wooden bridge

Ahh, that’s why!

Bridge to nowhere

At Coogoorah Park, I was on “my” side of Anglesea River. A few streets away took me back to my hostel.

A most pleasant day, however, the coastline is far superior to the interior. Although, with cool and overcast weather, another fantastic day on the trail. Walk everywhere!!!

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