Daylesford: Hepburn Regional Park circuit 22km

On my second day in Daylesford, I’m hiking mostly Hepburn Regional Park with YHA Bushwalking Club. Late start at 11am offered a lazy morning beforehand. Meeting place was outside Rubens Restaurant in Hepburn Springs, a full 4 minutes drive from my Daylesford accommodation.

From Rubens, we hiked as follows:

The obvious advantage of hiking with a club is that they know routes that you don’t. And routes not necessarily in books or online. I knew nothing beforehand about today’s hike. Yesterday, my route was south of Lake Daylesford.

Off we go, first shortly following Main Road north before exiting east into the Hepburn Springs area.

YHA bushwalkers on the go

There were elements of closures and drama today. First closure, access to climb and enjoy Jacksons Lookout around the 3km mark.

Jacksons Lookout

Great, they closed access to Jacksons Lookout only last month, in April. Oh well, short break instead and sips of water.

Jacksons Lookout – out of bounds

We asked the Fearless Leader, who shall remain anynomous, what the below peak was, visible from Jacksons Lookout’s parking area. After consulting his trail notes, he advised “The blowhole”.

Somehow, that didn’t correspond to my and others experiences visiting blowholes. But, being the Fearless Leader, he would know.

The Blowhole(?)

Lovely and mild morning, but weather forecast was for afternoon showers. You wouldn’t guess it here.

Dry bush

We passed various gullies and walked along creeks. The autumn colours were spectacular.

Following Spring Creek west

Yes, colorful indeed. Unfortunately, the clouds now started to arrive.

Looking back. Spring Creek on right.

Soon after crossing Hepburn-Newstead Road, around 7km in, it was lunchtime. Around this wombat hole(?)…?

Wombat hole(?)

No, that’s our Fearless Leader, perhaps doing miner impersonations…

A Fearless Leader hikes anywhere…

The view from where I enjoyed my lunch. Could be worse…

Lunchtime view

Suddenly, rain. Wet jackets on. The Fearless Leader added an umbrella to his wet weather protection. A wetless leader now…(?)

Fearless and Wetless…

Showers for a full 5 minutes. Then the rain stopped and didn’t return despite threatening clouds. We can handle that. We are YHA Bushwalkers…

Suddenly, this interesting building came into view. A motorcycle club? The Eureka flags…?


Mmm… the car (Cadillac?) parked nearby may provide clues… There were several other old cars parked on the other side too.

Cadillac(?) Coupe DeVille(?) with wings

Closures yes… Access to The Blowhole was also verboten. Same Blowhole that we saw from a distance… Who knows?

No access to The Blowhole

Dramas… There were two. Or three depending on how you count.

First, the questionable drama, was that I slipped on some rocks. And received a “little prick” on my right hand. A source of much amusement or questionable jokes for the remainder of the day.

On a more serious note, where I slipped lightly, a fellow hiker slipped as well. Unlucky, he managed to receive a deep cut in the fold of one of his fingers. Plenty of blood, plenty. So bad, that he eventually got it checked out by medical professionals and promptly received two stitches.

The last drama was awful. One hiker received a phonecall from her sister, telling her that their mother had a heartattack and was in hospital. She obviously stopped hiking as soon as it was possible. Bless her…

Back to the track… The Goldfields Track. We hiked both that and the Dividing Range Track today, same tracks I hiked further south yesterday. Fancier signage today…

Goldfields Track goes here

Consultation before the hiker with the injured finger departs to get medical attention.

Team meeting…

As noted, the hike took us to Lake Daylesford before turning around. We passed a few mineral springs. Sampling the water, although with presumably positive qualities, it tastes awful in my view. Very metallic and mineral. Sorry, I prefer mineral water in purchased bottles. Even if this water is free.

Mineral spring next to Lake Daylesford

The route from Lake Daylesford back to Rubens at Hepburn Springs is along the main road. Plenty of cute houses and cottages along the way, but still a busy road. At that time, around 5pm, I think we all just wanted to finish it off.

You see, we had a dinner booking at Rubens for 6pm. A civilised way of finishing off a 6 hours hike. 10 hikers, including the now stitched up bloke. Lovely pizza, pasta and wine was served, but that is another story.

Yet another excellent hike, almost identical in length to yesterday’s route, 22.6km. Most people can easily hike both over two days or a weekend. Nothing too strenuous. A few hills here and there. Visit in autumn. The colours are spectacular…

Before we go, I’m sure you are interested to see my “little prick”. See below…

No, I didn’t get any female attention or any positive attention at all. The other hiker with his bleeding finger got more than his share, in my view… Such is life! 🙂

My “little prick”

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