Lake Daylesford circuit 2.7km

OK, strolling around Lake Daylesford 2.7 kilometers for some 45 minutes doesn’t quite constitute hiking. But since the early morning stroll book-ended my 3 days/2 nights in Daylesford, I include it anyway. Regardless, it is my blog and I have full artistic freedom… 🙂

The map…

So I drove the short distance from my Daylesford accommodation and parked my car outside the Boathouse Cafe, a popular destination for breakfasts and lunches, particularly over weekends. Time is 8am and the Boathouse Cafe opens 8.30am on Sundays so no cuppa for me…

Boathouse Cafe

Opposite the Boathouse Cafe is the Book Barn which sells second hand books and also houses a cafe. The Book Barn opens at 10am so not a coffee option either.

Well, I wasn’t here to drink something hot. I was at Lake Daylesford to flaneur and enjoy being outside in the early morning.

Book Barn Daylesford… and some geese

You saw right. They were instead geese loitering around the cafes. Plenty of “wildlife” around Lake Daylesford as it turned out.

Early May and autumn colours everywhere. Cool and crisp yet again, but no frost visible. I started my stroll anti-clockwise around Lake Daylesford.

Starting my stroll behind the Book Barn

Birdlife everywhere. Abundant too… Noisy at times…

Birdlife along Lake Daylesford

At the southern tip of Lake Daylesford, there is a wooden bridge crossing a creek and wetlands. You can see the creek where the wooden fence is.

Wooden bridge

A few small jetties and viewing platforms dotted the lake. Here behind the most fantastic autumn colours. I was amazed…

Autumn at Lake Daylesford

That viewing platform from another angle. Nicely painted and restored.

Viewing platform

OK, I could go berserk taking pictures of autumn colours and reflexions around Lake Daylesford. So I did…

Reflexions across Lake Daylesford

Plenty of mushrooms were growing in the grounds off the northeastern corner of Lake Daylesford. Mostly red in colour but brown and yellow too. Still, I wouldn’t eat any of them…

Plenty of mushrooms growing lakeside

Here is another creek feeding into Lake Daylesford, with the most beautiful decorative bridge spanning it. What is not to like here…?

Decorative bridge

Grinning in the early morning. Why not? Fantastic flaneuring around Lake Daylesford in the early Sunday morning. Yes, there is the Boathouse Cafe again, across the lake from the north.

Hans The Stroller

The walkway off Lake Daylesford’s western side looked different again. An old horse and carriage way? The scenery reminded me of Acadia National Park in Maine, U.S. for those of you who visited there. BTW, the walkway here is apparently called the Lerderderg Track…

Off western side of Lake Daylesford

Lake Daylesford’s damwall is on its southwestern side. Keen readers may recall that I rested on one of those green benches during my Sailors Falls hike. During yesterday’s hike with YHA Bushwalking Club, we also arrived here, then walking in the opposite direction to where I arrived from now.

The dam wall at Lake Daylesford

That building to the left contains toilets and change rooms. Once upon a time, there was a swimming pool here and those change rooms and stone steps are remnants from that era. There is even an old spectator stand to the right.

Historic change rooms

Before you know it, I arrived back at the Boat House Cafe. Circuit completed. The cafe was open now, I pondered, but decided against a cuppa there.

Boathouse Cafe (again)

I drove back to my Daylesford accommodation, packed up, checked out and I was on my way. Bye Daylesford. You are something else. Particularly in autumn. LOVE IT!!!

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