Great Ocean Road: Aireys Inlet – Moggs Creek circuit 21km

Great Ocean Road hiking, day 2, takes me to the next town after Anglesea, Aireys Inlet and to Moggs Creek circuit.

Today’s hike follows good walking tracks, management trails and some gravel roads around Aireys Inlet. And passes 2 picnic areas, 1 dam and several lookouts.

My start and finish was next to Split Point Lighthouse. Free parking on Federal Street off Lighthouse Road.

Split Point Lighthouse

Early morning start and brilliant light. I may have gone overboard here, but the views were fantastic and a sin to not capture.

Looking back towards Split Point Lighthouse

Forward towards Anglesea. Part of Surf Coast Walk, but they call this section “Lighthouse Discovery Trail”.

Views northeast

Lighthouse Discovery Trail curves through various types of vegetation. Like here…

Lighthouse Discovery Trail looking back

…but then here.

Lighthouse Discovery Trail – somewhere…

A much elegant wooden bench to enjoy the views. Seen worse.

Wooden bench on Lighthouse Discovery Trail

A final photo this splendid Friday morning as fishermen complete the pictures.

Looking back towards Split Point Lighthouse, now with fishermen

Off Eagles Nest Reef, I quit the coast and ventured inlands on Boundary Road. Gravel road surface now.

Boundary Road looking west

Then, a car sped through, ripping up gravel dust. Some seconds later, a kangaroo jumped across the road. Dust still in the air. Close call, but they wouldn’t know.

Distillery Creek Picnic Area was my first break destination today. No distillery in sight, I didn’t even see a creek. All by myself, I spread out my gear.

Cup of tea in Distillery Creek Picnic Area

Well marked trails today. Distillery Creek Picnic Area directs you to Moggs Creek Picnic Ground. Distance well suitable for second break.

Moggs Creek Picnic Ground next

Just short of 3km later, a dam… Painkalac Dam which provides water Aireys Inlet and Fairhaven.

Painkalac Dam runoff

Up the dam wall…

Painkalac Dam wall – One way…

Looking back where I arrived. Earth moving machinery there, but no workers this Friday morning. Maybe picnic day supporting the many picnic grounds…

Painkalac Dam wall – …and another

Areas around Moggs Creek Picnic Area burnt badly during Ash Wednesday fires of 1983. More recent fires too. Back-burning as well (I saw signs). Hard to differentiate but many blacken trees around.

“Black” Forest

Moggs Creek Picnic Area – just me and… me.

Moggs Creek Picnic Area

Sardines, knäckebröd (Swedish crisp bread) and tea for early lunch. Lucky no-one could feel my breath.

Hans The Hiker’s picnic lunch

For 10km, I had not seen another human being. Only some kangaroos, clearly unfamiliar with humans given their staring. Suddenly, a mountain biker “broke the peace” on an unlikely narrow walking trail. Why am I so often by myself in the woods?

I arrived at Ocean View Lookout and it had. Stunning ocean views. Apologies if my face detracts from ocean beauty.

Hans The Hiker and coast line southwest

Peculiar descent to the beach. My hiking poles came handy here as the pebbles rolled underneath my boots. Perhaps not the best trail surface… Split Point Lighthouse in the distance means that the circuit is almost complete.

Down towards the beach

The final 4 kilometres were beach walking. The tide was coming in, pushing me further up the sand. Pleasant walk, although water reflexions of the sun makes me worried about sunburn…

On the beach back to the beginning

Plenty of blobby jellyfish on the beach. This guy looked awful.

Jellyfish blob

Almost there and end of the (beach) road. Lake to the right and up the hill took me back to Split Point Lighthouse and then my car.

Back in Aireys Inlet

How does today’s hike compare to yesterday? I say that coastline off Aireys Inlet is much more dramatic than off Anglesea. The bush part here was also more interesting with few fire trails and “proper” paths.

Not sure about “Moggs Creek”. Apart from naming the picnic area, I didn’t see any creek. Probably didn’t explore enough…

Still, 2 lovely days off Great Ocean Road. Tomorrow, back to Melbourne, but I will first be a “tourist for the day” and explore from the car. Perhaps find some future hikes. Because I will be back…

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