My boots are no longer made for walking…

These boots below, my old boots, are no longer made for walking.

The boots have, however, served me extremely well. But the time has come when we need to go seperate ways.

Here they are, the boots. Posing on a hilltop inside Sequoia National Park in California, U.S.A. Looking proud!


The boots and I would have walked a lot more than 1,000km together. The official distance I walked on the Camino de Santiago was 775km in its own right. I would have walked more than that there in the boots. Then, the hiking leading up to my Spain trip, afterwards at home and my hikes in the last 3 weeks in southwest U.S.A.

I have worn the boots in 3 continents, Australia, Europe and now America.

The total blister tally = 1. One single blister on my right heel after 30 odd days of walking Camino de Santiago. I love these boots… But…


The boots for any details purist are “Mammut Cirrus GTX Basefit”. I bought them in European size 47 1/3. My normal size is around 45.5.


The reason for the larger size is comfort and blister control. I am using thick socks as well as compensating for swollen feet. Which the feet will the longer you walk and the warmer it is.

I have tried to find an identical pair of boots to replace them. It appears that they are out of production. I have tried the shop where I bought them, including their factory outlet. Online was no luck either.

And can you believe it, dear reader… the boots cost me less than A$100. Which shows that you do not need to spend a lot of money to get the right gear.

So why the need to discard the boots now? The boots are falling apart.

I don’t know how much milage one can expect to get out of a pair of boots. But I am more than happy to get 1,000km+ out of them. You may see in this photo how the top fronts are starting to break up.


I will return to Australia tomorrow night. I know that there will not be any more hiking before I do so. The boots are still with me, but they will not travel back with me.

Yes, there has to be a ceremony of some sort to mark the occasion, but I don’t know yet what that will be.

I am now in Santa Barbara on the coast in California. Perhaps some ceremony with water…? Any ideas?

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