New Zealand: Cape Reinga Lighthouse, Twilight Beach loop 5km

Cape Reinga and its famous lighthouse are at the northern tip of New Zealand’s north island. An approximately 110km and 1.5 hrs away from Kaitaia where we stayed. A must see destination if you are in these parts of Kiwiland.
There are a multitude of hiking trails around Cape Reinga. Good Mrs and I hiked the popular and closest trail to Cape Reinga Lighthouse to Twilight Beach and back. Trail as follows:

This map provides an overview of Cape Reinga and trails. Good Mrs and I hiked trail number 4.


We parked our car at the “end of the road”. That is, the parking area that concludes NZ highway number 1. Once out walking, Cape Reinga Lighthouse soon appeared in the distance.


Spectacular scenery looking east from the path towards Cape Reinga Lighthouse. You could hike there too.


The mandatory selfie. Strong winds, aka breezy, yet again.


These frontier destinations seem to have signs with distances to various other places around the world. Cape Reinga was no exception. Where to next…?


To the left of me above was a Russian lady with camera equipment galore. Which she used to take selfies in front of the lighthouse. Not of any views. Using a remote control to get the pictures. Over and over again… Let’s move right along…

Some information about Cape Reinga Lighthouse.


Time for the second part of today’s endeavour. Off to Twilight Beach and Good Mrs is ready.


Less people venturing down towards Twilight Beach. We mostly had the trail all to ourselves.


The views… oh yes, the views… Not shabby!


Twilight Beach is by the first cove down there. You could continue hiking and we saw ambitious backpackers doing just that.


Good Mrs and I had a more civilised day. Along our hike, we found a sheltered spot for morning tea. Always a delight…


Twilight Beach was perhaps not much of a destination. Another typical case of where the journey is the destination.

Naturally, I had to check the water temperatures as the Tasman Sea meets the Pacific Ocean here. I can report quite warm water, perhaps 19-20 degrees Celsius.


We returned up the hill the same way. Good Mrs celebrates the half point point (roughly).


Post hiking pics from the journey back to Kaitaia…

Some kilometres south of Cape Reinga, large sand dunes are visible. No surprise that sand boarding is popular here.


A hike is incomplete without an ice cream. The Kiwis love it and we benefit. Good Mrs demonstrates “single” scoop of ice cream, New Zealand style. Lots of bang for the buck.


Today, Tuesday 1 November, is Melbourne Cup Day in Australia, the horse race that stops a nation. It is also a public holiday in Victoria where we live.

No betting for us today, but plenty of horses along highway number 1. None were cuter that this protecting mother and her foal with unsteady legs…


To finish off another perfect day…

Good Mrs, i.e. the “restaurateur” of La Cocina de Dianna, cooked a fantastic dinner meal in our motel kitchen. Lemon pepper leek Tarahiki, a local fish, with mash and broccoli. Devine!!!


Time for a glass of local Pinot Noir so I better finish off the blog post here…

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