Scotland: Edinburgh – Arthurs Seat Loop 8 km

I went for an early morning hike up to the top of Arthur’s Seat, elevation a staggering 250 meters. Even so, it is an Edinburgh landmark. The wander up there felt mandatory.

Yep, I am looking daggy… but I am proud of it!

It took only 45 minutes to reach the peak of Arthur’s Seat from where we are staying on Leith Street.

Here is Holyrood Park with Arthur’s Seat in the distance.

Aha, that’s where it goes…

As there are no trees around, you can see most of your surroundings including the various paths. These were far more plentiful than what the map showed.

Almost there, looking back east.

Bazinga. I have conquered the peak of Arthur’s Seat. There were two markers there. The marker further away appeared to be the actual peak while the closer marker shows directions and landmarks.

A mandatory self portrait of The Conqueror…

… And an additional photo next to the 2nd marker taken by a friendly fellow conqueror.

Confirmation of the height or elevation of Arthur’s Seat. It is a staggering 250 meters above sea level, but gosh, the views…!!!

Of course, the Edinburgh Castle and the Tattoo arena were easy landmarks to see.

Back towards Waverly Station. Our apartment was behind there somewhere.

This “rock art” was clearly visible from the top of Arthur’s Seat. “Have a nice day” Thank you, I will do.

I had hiked up to Arthur’s Seat from the east and I was now descending down its western side. This is looking back to where I came from. The peak.

The main path back to where I started from was almost at road level and was unfortunately closed due to a rock fall.

No drama. There were several different paths, all visible from a distance in this treeless environment. So I chose to hike up again and walk along the edge of this ridge.

Ahh, the grassland.

And if you hike along the edge, the views as you curve around along the path are great. Looking west here.

Looking down on the Palace of Holyrood House on the right, and the new Scottish Parliament on the left. Different architecture and from different eras.

The Scottish Parliament seemed to have had a fair bit of landscaping effort put into its grounds.

I completed the loop by walking around the Palace of Holyrood House and under the railway bridge. Then, around the Regent Gardens and along London Road with its row of good looking houses. Refer below.

I returned to our apartment around 10am, happy with this short and sharp walk.

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