Cape Lookout State Park: Cape Trail 7.4km

The Cape Trail in Cape Lookout State Park near Tillamook, OR is a one way / return the same way easy hike. For little effort, you get superb views of the Pacific Ocean and nearly beaches. Mostly to the south.

So after yesterday’s Elk Mountain “adventure”, The One and Only Son and I decided hike 2 of the 3 walks on offer, starting from Cape Lookout trailhead.

Cape Trail is the most popular walk of the three for obvious reasons. The other two are North Trail and South Trail, stretching north and south. We followed up with North Trail, see next post.

The map:

Cape Lookout trailhead had the usual information, but getting lost here would be difficult. Not a huge number of trails.

Cape Lookout trailhead

Wide and well maintained track. Like so many popular American trails. A beautiful and cool morning, few other hikers around as we set out.

Start of Cape Trail

Not long before the views blew you away through openings among the vegetation.

Looking south from the Cape Trail

I should mention that there were extremely steep sections down towards the water. Where the trail ran next to it, and with no security fencing. I would question the family friendliness of the Cape Trail.

Occasionly, the Cape Trail hugged the northern side of the headland and views towards the north were provided.

Looking north from the Cap Trail

Approaching the headland’s end, the trail conditions changed. Some went over roots and small sections were muddy. Little evidence of the latter today, the dry weather took care of most of that.

Careful to not twist an ankle


Some way out at sea now

An example of where the trail’s side abruptly descended towards the water.

Long waaaaaaaaay down if you slip

Suddenly, we were at “the end of the line”. Only sea thereafter.

Selfie at the end of the Cape Trail

One single bench provided a snack spot for us. Nobody there as we arrived, but two other hikers arrived while there.

Cape Trail’s end

Mmm… not sure about this “safety” fencing… better not get too close.

Feeling safe?

As we returned the same way back to Cape Lookout’s trailhead, more people arrived. Many accompanied by dogs. I suppose the trail works for both.

A final pic of an interestingly formed tree midway back.

A tree with squarish branches

Returning to Cape Lookout trailhead, a bloke approached us asking the usual “how far it was” questions. Then he said that he only had 15 minutes to spare, would he get any views in that time? Answer is yes, but why driving up here to spend that little time. Puzzling.

For you, dear reader, we recommend this easy back and forth stroll out onto the Cape Lookout headland. The views are spectacular on a brilliantly sunny day like today. The hike would take approximately two hours and you will be rewarded.

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