Cape Lookout State Park: North Trail 7.6km

The North Trail in Cape Lookout State Park, OR, follows the coastline north from Cape Lookout trailhead. Today’s second hike for The One and Only Son and myself this Saturday after Cape Trail, post here. Within easy drive from Tillamook.

The North Trail is different from the Cape Trail. The path is not as wide (mostly), less people hiking it, and that the views are (mostly) of the woods. Although you get ocean views too and access to the beach.

North on the North Trail

North Trail’s first section was muddy and slippery. You may not see it here, but it sometimes required “monkey feet”. Nothing awful, but just look out for it.

Slip sliding away… not

Interesting tree formations and how trees have landed over times. Like here. Not sure whether man made or natural. Perhaps both.

Tree partly submerged into the track

And here. Looked like an animal, a giraffe perhaps?

Giraffe tree

And here. The gateway tall enough to fit the One and Only Son.

Under the tree

Today’s selfie proudly brought you tall and skinny trees.

No longer quite as tall… (that’s me)

The North Trail crosses Cape Track through a wooden swing bridge. Swingability factor 7 out of 10 according to your Narrator and son.

Testing the swingability

Another tree mishap. It looked like this tree fell, it was then cut, with the cut bit sliding and “crashing” onto the trail.

Crash and… burn?

No side tracks on North Trail except here. Exit path up the Cape Lookout Road which you drive to reach the trailhead.

Trail junction

Towards the end of North Trail, as we descended towards the Cape Lookout camping ground, the views opened up.

Looking north from Cape Lookout State Park

And again a bit later…

Looking north along the beaches

Given the sign below, and absence of obvious track beyond that sign, I’d say landslide beyond the bush. There was another sign further along which didn’t either make any sense. Unless there was a track once…

Stay on this side of the sign

A small trail part consisted of rocks. And the trail leftwards up was covered in mesh which you couldn’t walk on without severe slippage risk. Hikers had made their own parallel trail there. Some oddities here…

A trail filled with rocks

The North Trail descended steadily towards the beach and the campground.

Behind the trees, the beach

A small detour provided access to the beach. Beautiful and dramatic. The swimmers were further north.

That headland on the right is where the Cape Trail goes.

On the beach, looking south

Driftwood seems to be recurrent on Oregon’s beaches.

Driftwood on the beach

Looking north on the beach, swimmers being further north. Just us here.

On the beach, looking north

The Cape Lookout camping ground didn’t sell anything. We had secretly wished for a coffee, to go with our lunch there, but it was not to be. There was, however, an amusing sign with pictures of warnings and prohibitied activities. You sort of get the message.

Warnings and Don’ts

Given a campground area, there were plenty of picnic tables and benches. Perfect for our lunch next to Cape Creek. Unfortunately(?), other campers grilled and BBQed, sending off mouth watering smells in the process. Mmmm…

Our return to Cape Lookout trailhead went in record time. After lunch, we stomped. And arrived sweaty but pleased with our day and two hikes.

I suggest that any average fit hiker can complete both trails in one day. Even adding the third, shorter South Trail. Our total distance for the day was 15km, mostly easy and interesting walking. Great views thrown in for free.

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