Heide – Modern art museum and outdoor sculpture garden

I took a walk to Heide Museum of Modern Art last week. Partly because I wanted to walk a bit and partly because I have never been there before.

This is how my day panned out. Around 20km of walking in total.

Yes, I didn’t walk back home after my visit. I walked to Heidelberg train station which is a few kilometres up the road from Heide. From there I took the train back to Melbourne city centre.

Anyway, I was out early this chilly winter morning. I walked through Fitzroy Gardens…

Fitzroy Gardens looking east

…and through Richmond along Bridge Road…

Richmond – Bridge Road looking east

…crossing Yarra River on Hawthorn Bridge, the bridge giving Bridge Road its name (or so I assume). The rowers were out.

Yarra River looking north from Hawthorn Bridge

Just up the hill here off Kew Junction, I stopped for a coffee break. Plenty of coffee shops and facilities around here.

There was even a Raoul Wallenberg Garden in a corner to the left in the picture. His story is for another time, but I can say that he was most definitely Swedish.

Kew Junction looking northeast

Soon enough, I was into familiar territory from earlier blogposts. Behind me here is the Main Yarra Trail.

Most of the time here, I arrive from the other direction, north to south, cycling or walking. This stretch is called Heidelberg School Artists Trail.  Along where many of the classic Australian painters created their masterpieces. Yes, still cold.

Main Yarra Trail – Southern end of Heidelberg School Artists Trail

Fast forward with the walking and here is Heide Museum of Modern Art. Abstract as you arrive of course.

Outside of Heide Museum of Modern Art

The sign below tells the background story to Heide Museum of Modern Art.

The earlier dairy farm occupying the sprawling site was purchased by prominent Melbourne art benefactors John and Sunday Reed. It consists of 3 main buildings, Heide I, II and III, a sculpture garden, orchards and vegetable gardens and a lot of open space.

The story of the Reeds and Heide Museum of Modern Art

Below is Heide I, the original homestead for the Reed family. You can wander around and have a look.

Heide I

Mrs Sunday Reed was very fond of cats. So fond that there is a “cattery” attached to the Heide I building. (I didn’t even know that the word “cattery” existed, but that is what the sign said)

Cattery behind Heide I building

Here is another sign with information specific to Heide I.

The story of Heide I building

In the end, I didn’t venture into any of the buildings or into the museum. I wanted to do that with Good Mrs at a future date. Between you and me, as she hasn’t been there herself, she wouldn’t like me explore too much all by myself.

I did, however, wander around the lovely sculpture garden. But not after finding myself a quiet corner for a sit down and an apple. My recommendation to anyone would absolutely be to bring a picnic and come here on a sunny and warm day. Enjoy a bit of culture while you are spending time on  the grounds and hopefully in the sun.

Here are a few examples of sculptures that I liked:

This one was just odd.

Sculpture Garden at Heide Museum of Modern Art – Photo 1

Who would not like these “grazing cows”? How brilliant!

Sculpture Garden at Heide Museum of Modern Art – Photo 2

The flattened boy or man looked fantastic too.

Sculpture Garden at Heide Museum of Modern Art – Photo 3

I wandered around the grounds for a while, even contemplated lunch or at least a coffee in their Cafe Vue. I decided to move on. It was too early for lunch and I had a cuppa not long before.

Now, should you visit?

As noted, I didn’t step inside. I understand that tickets to enter all 3 buildings is $18 for adults and $14 concession.

Heide runs temporary exhibitions besides what is on permanent display. You can sign up to their newsletter to keep yourself up to date of what’s doing.

Address: 7 Templestowe Rd, Bulleen, VIC 3105

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday / public holidays between 10am and 5pm

At least, go there for the Sculpture Garden. It’s free!

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