(Return to) Cycling… On Friday the 13th…

It is Friday the 13th today and it is return to cycling for me.

Is such a day a good day to jump onto the bike again? For the first time after my broken ulna accident and after more than a year not having done any cycling at all? Am I pushing my luck?

Heck yeah, why not? What could possibly go wrong….? Stay away all you loose dogs…

So I cycled the Capital City Trail that surrounds Melbourne today. Keen readers of this blog (are there any…?) may recall that I walked the same loop some time ago. Details here.

Here I am outside our apartment building ready to go. My bike is behind me. A bit apprehensive. How can I not be?


In true honesty, I didn’t cycle the complete Capital City Trail. From where Good Mrs and I live, it is preferable to cycle down LaTrobe Street to Melbourne Docklands and join the Capital City Trail there.


There are two advantages in doing so.

  1. You avoid the Southbank crowds. Always busy there around Yarra River.
  2. LaTrobe Street has dedicated bicycle lanes in both directions.

There is a third advantage as well. The loop would be slightly shorter…


I will not include many new photos from today’s bike ride. Scenic photos along the way were already included in that earlier post. But I did have to include the next two photos from just outside Rushall train station.

The Capital City Trail briefly “disappears” as it shares a train line underpass with pedestrians and commuters.

The underpass is narrow and the set up does not benefit anybody. Hence, there has been a long standing idea to build a new shared pedestrian / bicycle path nearby. A path that would seperate commuters walking to and from Rushall station from walkers / cyclists.

Well, the draft design is available for review. “Have your say’ as the board says. Somebody “had their say” but in a somewhat unconventional way. The spelling leaves a bit to desire as well.

And what about those trees in the background…?


Well, a tree whisperer or somebody speaking on behalf of the trees have affixed “Please save me” notes…


I have read that there has been vocal local opposition to extend the Capital City Trail here. But I can not see how a diverted path would not benefit the locals as well. Presumably, the tree whisperer does not frequent public transport…

I completed cycling Capital City Trail in 1 hour and 47 minutes. The distance was just short of 30km.

Was I tired when I finished? Yes, of course, even though it was not a long distance, the combined psychological and physical effort was tiring.

Did I look out for dogs along the way? Of course I did. One dog, in a leash, was approaching me at one stage. I did brake, but very softly indeed.

Was I chuffed that I finished it? Of course. See the photo below…

Am I keen to get back into cycling again? You bet I am. It’s great fun and Melbourne as a whole is a very bike friendly town.


I will aim for another, longer bicycle ride next week. Hans The Biker in addition to Hans The Hiker 🙂 But for now, let’s rest the muscles and the mind. And the bike…


It’s a weekend coming up after all and my brother in law with company will arrive in a few hours.

Let’s drink to all that… Even the bad karma around Friday the 13th was not stopping me today. I have returned to cycling. Craft beer, anyone?

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