Post Camino R&R Day 10 – Faro

A lazy morning. I felt quite uninspired and was not exactly jumping out of bed to explore Faro as I woke up. That may be a sign that it is time to go home. I’ve seen and experienced enough for one trip. It would have been different if Good Mrs was here…

I went downstairs for breakfast served at 7am, a quite extensive offering for continental. Followed by returning to my room and chilling some more.

By 9.30am I started to move my sorry backside and wandered out to explore Faro. Outside Faro train station, tree hacking was in full swing. The pruners had already worked through several trees when I arrived. The workers were quite brutal in their chopping.

I decided to walk along the waterfront and soon came across this half finished building. The front looked complete, the side had several “holes” through it.

My loose destination was a park called Jardim da Alameda João de Deus. Next to the park was the municipal library. This photo is from inside the park and looking at the side of the library.

I started my exploration by checking out the library. They had some English language books and newspapers and I read this paper for a while.

The library had Henning Mankell books in English but I had already read them all.

Find 3 faults. Unfortunately a bit symptomatic for the sometimes run down state of Portugal. The “faults” here are:

  • No lid on the waste basket
  • The lid to the soap dispenser does not stay up
  • Water drain is almost completely blocked

Jardim da Alameda João de Deus was pleasant enough. Not a big park but with several cafes…

…a row of cages as some mini zoo. There were mostly birds there but also guinea pigs.

I then walked back to Faro’s town center as I wanted to check out this particular church. The church is Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Monte do Carmo do Faro. A bit of a handful name. Why did I want to check out that particular church?

The church had an entrance fee of 2€. Happy to paid that. Inside it looked like many other churches.

What I wanted to check out was this chapel outside and at the back of the church.

This sign may give it away…

That’s right. They built the chapel out of human bones. Then it’s decorated further with human skulls. As you do. Or did.

Behind these windows inside the chapel you heard children play. Yes, it looked like a kindergarten at the other side of the wall. The parents must not object to their kids playing that close to human skulls and bones.

Some stats:

  • Construction of church and chapel in 1816
  • The chapel contained approximately 1245 skulls and bones
  • No differentiation between skulls or bones when they presented that number

All those skulls and bones provided ample opportunity for strange photography. And I was there all by myself so nobody else to accommodate.

Are you looking at me? Well, no, not looking any more.

Post my visit, I then picked up some more water at the supermercado almost opposite the church. And returned back to hotel Sol Algarve with my supplies.

I passed the building where the painters with the paint spotted van worked yesterday. The painters were gone now and this was the result from their efforts.

Later, at dusk, I wandered around Faro’s centre and took a few pics along the way.

Along the pedestrianized areas.

Around the waterfront.

Again, I watched football on TV in my hotel room that night while drinking vino tinto. All in all, a pretty uneventful day.Footnote:

Below is my Portuguese crash course of essential words (Source: iTranslate app).

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