Post Camino R&R Day 16 – Lisbon to home

Last day of my Camino adventures, 38 days of walking and 16 days of R&R but now I am going home from Lisbon. Not by helicopter as Alvin Lee of the group Ten Years After did during the Woodstock festival back in 1969 but by plane. I’m writing this final post from Lisbon’s International Airport and that will conclude this blog.

Not much to report from this morning. Breakfast, pack up the last bits and pieces and then metro to the airport. Cost for metro 1.40€. Beat that Sydney or Melbourne.

Metro is also clean, fast, efficient. I was at the airport in less than 30 minutes.

My backpack got wrapped up in plastic.

Red plastic that is. From the wrapping services at the airport. OK I should have taken a photo of it. The backpack looked pretty ridiculous but at least the straps are not hanging out in all directions.

That’s it. Boarding commences soon.

Over and out from the Camino Frances blog. Done and dusted.

2 thoughts on “Post Camino R&R Day 16 – Lisbon to home

    1. You’re welcome Heda. I’m very glad that you liked it and that it triggered many good memories.
      I seem to recall that we met, but there is no image of you so I can’t tell for certain.
      Anyway, all the best

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