Post Camino R&R Day 6 – Gramacho

Quiet morning. The morning after the night before. And it’s also Halloween but you couldn’t tell.

I got up late at 9am and after breakfast, Åsa gave Ulf and me a lift to Carvoeiro. Ulf and I were off to do a clifftop hike eastwards along the Atlantic coast to Benagil.

The path was well indicated with these yellow and red markers below.

Runkeeper application kicked into GPS action and here are the statistics. We did slow progress due to constant stopping and checking out the sceneries. As well as having a civilised coffee break halfway through.

The initial section off Carvoeiro was walking on a boardwalk. Some money spent here as the boardwalk looked well done and maintained.

After hiking 1km or so, we arrived at this point. Down from the trail were bathroom facilities and a bar/cafe. Although the latter was close.

Boneca means doll. Somebody thought that the opening towards the water on the other side of this tunnel looked like… a doll. Sorry no picture but not even my vivid imagination could see any similarity with a doll.

There were various walkways and stairs off the point above. Here I am looking scared while checking the distance down to the water.

Plenty of erosion had resulted in openings and tunnels like the below.

There was no question about the beauty of today’s walk. The path went up and down headland, along beaches and bays as here.

Alfonzino lighthouse and…

…its story below.

Plenty of blowholes as well.

Now, this beach was interesting and unique. Why?

Because the only access point is…

…through this tunnel.

Ulf is demonstrating returning back from the beach.

The beach itself. There were a handful of sun seekers and one single swimmer, a guy who pinched his nose every time the waves rolled in.

The walk with break and exploration took us 3 hours almost to the minute.

We then had lunch at a restaurant in Benagil. Ulf called Åsa who came with the car and joined us for a feed. Ulf and Åsa had an appointment with a Real Estate Agent to check out an apartment back in Carvoeiro.  As a potential property investment.

There was time enough beforehand for a visit to a supermarket.

Here is Ulf shopping the essentials as Ulf and I drank the house dry of beer last night.

In the fish and seafood section, they were selling dourada, the lovely whole fish I had as lunch yesterday. Ulf advised that the English name is golden bream. Dourado in Portuguese means golden.

The supermarket offered that mandatory stinky section of dried salty cod. Seems to be everywhere in food shops.

This was a first for me. A big open grill inside the supermarket. I assumed that you can buy something of choice and they grill it for you.

At 4pm we met the guy outside the building who was going to show Ulf and Åsa that apartment. Top floor, left.

The apartment was over 2 floors and with another balcony that you can’t see in this picture.

I liked the apartment. I could see it as a good investment if the price was right. Below was the only drawback. A narrow circular staircase connecting the two floors. Not much space for yourself and never mind getting furniture and other large items up or down.

The apartment was small but it had 2 bedrooms and could house a family of 4.

The proximity to the beach and the views would be attractive for holiday makers. I took this photo from the lower level balcony.

Zooming out from the picture above. Direct access to the beach is through those stairs to the right.

Another shot from the balcony overlooking the township of Carvoeiro.

After the apartment inspection, we all returned to Ulf and Åsa’s home at the Pestana Golf Resort.

Later, Åsa prepared dinner for us. Lovely grilled shrimps with chili and parsley as an entree.

After the apartment inspection, we all returned to Ulf and Åsa’s home at the Pestana Golf Resort.

Later, Åsa prepared dinner for us. Lovely grilled shrimps with chili and parsley as an entree.

As main dish, she did something called tortilla lasagna which didn’t make sense. Tortilla of course is the Spanish word for omelette and the sheets in this lasagna dish were of corn. With pieces of chicken inside, the dish looked like a lasagna. But tasted Mexican.

Yummy it was!

Ulf had some problems with his lower back. In Portugal, on a Saturday, you just call your Masseur and ask them for a house visit. So Saturday evening at 7.30pm the Masseur arrived and worked on Ulf for an hour. Try to get that in Australia. Ha!

Later, we watched a Swedish tv-program called “Så mycket bättre“. That translates into “So much better” in English.

The tv-program’s idea was that you took a famous Swedish musical artist. With some back catalogue of songs. You then let a bunch of other Swedish musical artists select one song each. Then they interpret that song in their own style and sing it in front of the others.

Between the songs, individual interviews with all involved and filmed interactions between them all. A kind of friendlier version of Big Brother. A new program concept for me.

My problem was that I never heard of the main artist Miriam Bryant before. Never have I heard of any of the “interpreters”. I also found that the language used by several of the artists was poor. Lots of swearing and redundant words.

Still, the program was oddly fascinating and I watched it for the full hour or so with Ulf and Åsa who were fans.

By 10.30pm the day had ran its course for all 3 of us and we all retired.

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