Post Camino R&R Day 7 – Gramacho

Today’s weather forecast was grim. The Weather Channel app issued 4 alerts at 6am and even the banner was now in an eye-catching red colour.

Rain, rain, rain… And some thunder and lightning as well. The pool filled up with water fast but it didn’t overflow.

Åsa is experiencing with preserving and “making” olives. You may notice the olive tree behind the pool in the background, to the right of Åsa’s face below. That’s her source.

So, Åsa has picked olives from their own olive tree which are now in those jars that she is holding. A lengthy process encompassing mixing olives with garlic, lemon, rosemary and more.

The olives should be ready for consumption sometime early in the new year. Best of luck, Åsa.

Ulf and Åsa went to the gym mid morning. I was home alone, watching football and tennis on TV when the electricity died. It turned out that large part of the area was without power for some time.

After my host returned, we went out again in search of lunch. Which we found at this place. Which had power.

At our first allocated table, I felt a sudden raindrop on my shoulder. What the? Yes, the water was coming through the cracks on the ceiling in the picture below.

And this was how the floor looked. On both sides of our table. Visions of the ceiling caving in came to my mind… We moved to another table with no visible ceiling cracks..

Today’s lunch was… Fish. A sure winner. Menú del día in Spain is Prato de dia In Portugal. You could choose a food item from a section of the menu as your main dish. That section included whole fish.

These guys below are “bream” and the 3 of us had a plate each as per below. Tasty, tasty!!

There was a birthday celebration among the Portuguese crowd at the next table.

The friendly Portuguese gave us a piece of their almond birthday cake. Then a glass of champagne each.

How nice is that? Let’s drink to that.

After lunch it was back to base. Today was not a day for long excursions. Yes, a bit of rain even here from memory.

Recycling is of course huge in Europe. Ulf to the left and our restaurant waiter to the right doing the right thing.

We went out for dinner as well. Ulf and Åsa wanted me to try a signature dish at this pizzeria. Who am I to not do that?

This is the restaurant’s speciality. Baked spaghetti marinara with a thin pizza crust on top. Served at the table as per below.

There was food for 4 people there although the 3 of us did our best to demolish it all.

Plenty of seafood and the pizza crust worked as accompanying bread. Yummy!!

As we got back home again, Åsa soon went to bed and Ulf and I had a few beers while chatting and watching more football on TV. Another easy and relaxing day in Portugal…

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