My daily learnings in March 2017

My March daily learnings follow reflections for 2017. And then my daily learnings for January 2017 and February 2017. Three months of the year have passed. May the learnings and experiences continue…

Mar 1st – Stage of Princes Theatre
  • Mar 1st – My first ever visit to Princes Theatre on Spring Street here in Melbourne. The attraction is the popular play Book of Mormons. What can I say?… Phantom of the Opera may still be my scene favourite, but Book of Mormons is a close second. Fantastic, funny… and offensive to some? (not me).
Mar 2nd – Enjoying a cold one outside Hobart Brewing Company
  • Mar 2nd – Continuing on Good Mrs’ week long birthday celebrations (you may recall activities from last month). Today, we flew to Hobart in Tasmania for a mini-break. 4 days and 3 nights. Highlight from the first day was stumbling onto Hobart Brewing Company. Brewery, bar, and shop inside a converted warehouse. Arriving way before opening time, we wandered in through the open front door. And were offered samples of the different brews to try. Which we did. Of course, that made us return later for more… Great stuff. Sample their IPA if you can. My fav!
Mar 3rd – “Fat Car” at MONA
Mar 3rd – MONA – Falling water creating words
  • Mar 3rd – MONA (Museum of Old and New Art) outside of Hobart was something we both wanted to see for some time. Day 2 in Hobart was the day. Brilliant! First of all, it is not a horizontal museum spread out over one or two levels. MONA is vertical. Dug into the sandstone, it goes way underground. The exhibitions were quirky, interesting and somewhat challenging. The fat Porsche above was one of the highlights. Falling water creating different words was amazing.
Mar 4th – Me and Good Mrs and Richmond Bridge
  • Mar 4th – Hobart Day 3 took us to the quaint town of Richmond where its bridge is the main attraction. Richmond Bridge is older than Melbourne, can you believe that? Now I know.
Mar 5th – European sun-seeking at Port Arthur
  • Mar 5th – Hobart Day 4 before flying back to Melbourne, Good Mrs and I drove to Port Arthur. I have been to Port Arthur before, in 1987 before moving to Australia permanent. That was also before the horrible 1996 Port Arthur Massacre. The Memorial Garden, where Broad Arrow Cafe stood, offered a sensitive creation for reflection. As well done as these places can be. This post’s featured image is from “Tessellated Pavement State Park”. Another new and interesting place we passed on route to Port Arthur.
  • Mar 6th – I read the interesting history behind AirBnB, the successful online accommodation site. It began in 2007 as a way for the founders to turn the living room of their loft apartment into a Bed and Breakfast of sorts. Its name was then and keying that in will redirect you to AirBnB even now. The air part originates from the founders putting out air mattresses on the floor. Homemade breakfast was then offered in the morning for guests. It grew from there…
  • Mar 7th – Ryan Holiday writes Don’t trust your senses. Why? Because…
    • Self-deception or arrogant/unchallenged opinions require that we hold all our opinions up to hard scrutiny. Even our eyes deceive us
    • Self-deception has been called “an awful disease and eyesight a lying sense”
  • Mar 8th – Movie “Sunshine on Leith” – filmed in Edinburgh / Leith. Good Mrs and I stayed there a week for Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival in 2013. Hence, some familiar scenery which is always fun. The movie is a simple love story, but with great performances and songs.
  • Mar 9th – Football history… UEFA cup football game between FC Barcelona and Paris St Germain (PSG). PSG won the first game 4-0. Common sense would dictate that PSG would proceed… BUT… FC Barcelona won the next game by 6-1, taking the total tally to 6-5. The biggest ever turnaround in a UEFA cup game. Yes, I refuse to call football soccer. There is only ONE world game of football…
Mar 10th – Downhill to Lerderderg Gorge
  • Mar 10th – Hiked another new Lerderderg State Park route called Scenic Rim. Post here.
  • Mar 11th – New word worriment. Defined as “a difficulty that causes anxiety“. Interesting…
Mar 12th – Sydney Birthday Boy looking a bit worse for wear…
  • Mar 12th, Mar 13rd, Mar 14th – 3 days and 2 nights in Sydney for a birthday surprise event. Full story here.
  • Mar 15th – Another quote from somewhere (can’t recall)… “Absurdity of fear: Its near-total insignificance but for our own belief in it.” So true…
  • Mar 17th – I read about Hiroo Onoda, the “forgotten” Japanese soldier. He held out in the Philippines during and after World War II until 1974. A good extra 29 years after Japan’s capitulation. Onoda became a cult figure in Japan on his return and released a ghostwritten biography. He was even urged to run for the Diet (Japan’s bi cameral legislature). Troubled by new Japan’s consumerism, he left Japan for Brazil in 1975. Only to return in 1984 to establish a school camp for young people. Despite his jungle experiences, Onoda lived to 92 (1922-2014). What a guy… More here.
Mar 18th – Almost done – close to Sorrento Back Beach
  • Mar 18th – My 2nd hike with YHA Bushwalking Club took me to Mornington Peninsula for a coastal walk. Post here.
  • Mar 19th – Yet another thinker and author crossed my path. Mark Manson and his book “The subtle art of not giving a f*ck”. An excellent read despite the attention grabbing title. For example, he defines “victimhood chic” as “public sharing of injustices which garners attention and emotional outpouring, rewarding people who are able to perpetually feel victimised with an ever growing amount of attention and sympathy”. He may be onto something there…
  • Mar 20th – New expression “phubbing” (from phone and snub). Defined as “diverting one’s attention to a smartphone while in company with others“. We have all seen that…
Mar 22nd – Aloo ko achar” – Nepalese spicy potato stew
  • Mar 21th – Sampled Nepalese food for the first time ever. At a small hole in the wall place in Melbourne called “Momo Station”. Momo is the Nepalese word for their dumplings/gyozas. I sampled Aloo ko achar which is a spicy potato stew on a bento style tray. Supposed to be one of the more common Nepalese dishes. Tasty? Sure, but still “just” spicy potatoes. Whatever that white in the middle was, I have no idea. No taste at all, not good, not bad, not anything… Something different…
  • Mar 22nd – I listened to an interesting podcast where Tim Ferriss interviewed Ryan Holiday. Two interesting and insightful people. I learned that the most common mistake that writers make is not having anything to say. Writers need to live interesting lives. They need to do interesting things. So that they can forward those experiences through their writing. Mmmm…. enough to doubt your own writing…
  • Mar 23th – An insightful quote on education by Ryan Holiday: “A degree on the wall means you’re educated as much as shoes on your feet means you’re walking. It’s a start but hardly sufficient“.
  • Mar 24th – Trying out a new outfit called Musclefix for a deep tissue massage. Chatted with the most interesting Masseuse. She lives in Traralgon 2 1/2 hours one way by regional train from Melbourne. In the city 6 times a week as she also studies. That means 30 hours per week long distance train traveling. Before catching any city public transport and walking to wherever she needs to be. Who says that all young people feel entitled? Amazing. She had no complaints…

The massage? Firm and deep as I prefer it. Huge difference to my sore shoulders. Unfortunately, Musclefix is closing their city location, so may have to look elsewhere. Who wants to travel…? 🙂

  • Mar 25th – Readers may be sick of my quotes from Ryan Holiday by now but this one is great. He writes “Wealth and freedom are free“. And continues “There are two ways to be wealthy; to get everything you want or to want everything you have”. The second gives you more freedom and piece of mind. Who would disagree?
Mar 26th – Werribee Riverside – A great place for hiking lunch
  • Mar 26th – My 3rd hike with YHA Bushwalking Club took me to Werribee Gorge State Park and Ironbark Gorge. Post here.
  • Mar 27th – Saw Jasper Jones, a new Australian movie. About growing up in a racist and sexist 1960s Western Australia. Some call the film Australia’s “To kill a mocking bird”. Interesting movie, but not a classic. Top performances from young teenage actors though.
  • Mar 28th – Discovered that there is something called “International Cloud Atlas“. Published first in 1896 and been in print ever since. Its initial purpose was to aid training of meteorologists. And to promote consistent vocabulary describing cloud formations. A new print version gets released every 7 years or so. There is a publication for everything…
  • Mar 29th – Not a new learning, but a reminder of a for me forgotten word; mimicry. I looked up an official definition. Mimicry is defined as “the action or skill of imitating someone or something, especially in order to entertain or ridicule”. Mimicry is also used in biology to describe external resemblance between animals or plants. I knew that…
  • Mar 30th – The kings in the 4 cards suit are drawn on great rulers in history as follows:
    • King of spades: David, King of Israel
    • King of clubs: Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia
    • King of diamonds: Roman Caesar Augustus
    • King of hearts: Charlemagne: King of France

Now, who killed Charlemagne? The Basques? Or the French? Somebody heard it was the Arabs…? (with apologies to the movie “The Way”. 😉 )

Mar 31st – Definition of stags
  • Mar 31th – First time hiking in Macedon Ranges, post here. The above board explained what “stags” are. I didn’t know that…
Mar 31st – A stag

Enough learnings for one month. Bring on April, with Easter and Anzac Day holidays… and… and…

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  1. Dear Hans,

    I came to Hans the Hiker after reading about a Mornington Peninsula walk. The YHA Bushwalkers had been in my sights since the southern summer.

    Tyler Cowen is great! I read a long piece of his in …

    Somewhere around March there was a new cloud name which was added to the Atlas.

    Jasper Jones was fantastic. I had seen the play before. The first three scenes of the land around the town got me in.

    The Pilot of this years’ Doctor Who is about mimicry.

  2. Dear Adelaide,

    Thank you for your very comprehensive feedback.

    I will have to check out Tyler Cowen on
    Have you come across Ryan Holiday? If not, you may be interested.


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