Being a full time house husband (aka retired…)

I am a full time house husband.

Well sort of. Good Mrs works full time and while she is doing all the cooking, I do most of the rest in the household chores such as washing…


Good Mrs considers cooking to be relaxation and a hobby.

Who am I to complain about that? I do the shopping (except for Saturday mornings at the markets which we do together) and the cleaning up. In return, I get to eat well. Very well indeed. From La Cocina de Dianna as we (or I 🙂 ) call it.

I haven’t worked for almost 5 years now.

Not a conscious decision as such. My contract at the time terminated the last day of October. And November, leading onto Christmas, New Year and the holiday season is not a good time looking for new work in Australia. I tried several avenues and nothing came out of them. So I stopped exploring options. And now I call myself retired and a house husband.

A house husband “job” with no kids around and living in an apartment is never going to be “full time”. Hence, I schedule house husband duties for days of less favourable weather forecasts. This gives me plenty of time for my hobbies and for keeping myself in shape.

Well, you would know what I like to do if you are reading “Hans The Hiker” blog. I hike, I cycle, I go to the gym, I study Spanish, I read, I write and maintain this blog among other things.

What about money you may ask? You need money to live!

Let’s get something cleared out here first. Good Mrs and I are not rich. We are definitely not poor but I would not consider us rich at all. I believe that while you need some financial support, you don’t need huge amounts. It is vital to minimise the housing costs, which is the real killer through mortgages and rents. Otherwise, keep the costs under control. Of course, I can also be a real tight arse…

I also prefer spending money on travel and experiences rather than material things. Heck, we have 2 parking spaces but own no car. We rent out one parking space for income and keep the other for any guests. We will get a car at some time and when Good Mrs finally also retires, we will buy a campervan and travel Australia. Listing our apartment on Airbnb and/or leasing it out would provide income.

OK, Good Mrs is still working full time in a well paid corporate job. Which more than sufficiently supports us both. And which saves me from having to withdraw from my super. At least for now.

What would I change, if anything?

I don’t miss the corporate life at all. Been there, done that, sampled the corporate bulldust. Not for me anymore if I have a choice.

I would love to travel for longer periods of time. As a corporate, Good Mrs gets the mandatory 4 weeks of annual leave with an option to buy a few more. Which she does.

So, for some weeks every year, Good Mrs and I will take trips. Did I mention that New Zealand, Tasmania and a longer visit to Mexico, Cuba and the U.S. are all coming up within the next 10 months or so?

In 2013, Good Mrs and I travelled for the whole year. The best period of time in my whole life. I enjoyed it so much that I will probably write a seperate blogpost elaborating on that Gap Year on the road… Perhaps it doesn’t have to be a full year again, but say 6 months of home and 6 months of traveling may work…

So until such a time that Good Mrs retires, I will continue to fulfil my house husband duties. And then go hiking, cycling etc.

Well, I better sign off now. There is some shopping to do and some dry cleaning to pick up and…


A house husband’s chores are never finished… 😉

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