Reflective mood for 2017 (A checklist)

Passing of one year into another means new year resolutions and vague improvement attempts for many people, and reflections. Although, a serious attempt to improve can and should happen anytime. If you decide to change, why wait?

Still, one can’t help to reflect and take stock of what may lay ahead. I won’t call these new year resolutions. More a personal checklist. Here they are, some somewhat predictable:

Checklist for 2017:

  1. Alcohol break – no alcohol for the first 4 weeks of 2017, revised down from 1 month. Good Mrs and I have invitations for a 50th birthday party end January, Mexican theme. No way I can (read want!) to stay off the Corona beer then. February is full of social events, so no hope then either… Today is 3rd January and so far, so good…
  2. Eat better – well, within reason. Avoid or minimise the worst extravagances. Although, everything in moderation, even moderation… Good Mrs excellent cooking makes portion control difficult…
  3. More yoga and stretching – I’m aiming for 2 formal classes per week. Other mornings, I will follow a simple sun salutation program at home (or on the road). Fantastic way to kick start an old body in the morning.
  4. Return to learn Spanish – start / stop learning so far. Need to focus. Some Spanish will come handy in Cuba later this year (see below)
  5. Learn something new everyday – a Spanish expression goes “Nunca te acostaras sin saber una cosa nueva“. Literally “Never the bedtime without knowing a new thing“. Anything small or big. January 1st, I learnt a few things from an Egyptian elder in Fitzroy who makes 50,000 taper candles annually for Melbourne’s 40 Coptic Christian churches. And January 2nd that the real name for Big Ben Tower in London is Elizabeth Tower (courtesy of reading Bill Bryson book)
  6. Read more books – Fiction and non-fiction. More visits to excellent Melbourne Public Library and more use of online borrowing. Although I will continue to follow my favourite bloggers.
  7. Philosophy, psychology and meditation – These subject matters interest me and I aim to learn more about them all.
  8. Write and post more – And not just about hiking. I find writing relaxing and enjoyable so why not? Self therapy of sorts… No, I don’t think there is a book in me to write…
  9. Less time wasting – Minimise reading of meaningless online “fluff”. Facebook, you dig?
  10. Spend less time with incompatible people – different people suit, well, different people. Me, I have little time for self obsessed people taking, but not giving. Talking, but not listening. Or people with widely different interests. Prefer my own company instead. Life is short. Use it!

Trips planned for 2017:

  1. Sydney – 5 nights early February. Good Mrs “kicked me out” as she prepares for exam. So I oblige… With a Sydney road trip to see old Manly neighbours.
  2. Hobart, Tasmania – 3 nights early March. A short break post Good Mrs birthday end February.
  3. Mexico, Cuba, U.S. – 6 weeks from early June. Culminating with my and the One and Only Son’s birthdays end June in the U.S.  Followed by a 2 weeks father and son road trip along the U.S. Pacific seaboard. Will be super fun!!
  4. HongKong – loose plans for next Christmas and New Year. Why not?

Likely to be more Sydney trips throughout the year. And given that Good Mrs travels for work around Australia, sometimes I will tag along…

And who knows, there may another overseas trip… The One and Only Son is considering moving to London, England after our U.S. trip. If so, a U.K. visit is warranted in a not too distant future…

To continue:

  1. Hiking – Of course. And I got a car now…
  2. Cycling – Although, a 3rd self inflicted injury may be a sign to “throw the bike into the bush”…
  3. Gym visits – outside of yoga, I need strength training given my thin and damaged bone structure.

Indulgences not prepared to live without:

  1. Watching English Premier League live on Optus – I’m a huge Manchester United football fan (the team I picked as a Swedish kid growing up) and have followed them ever since. Odd starting hours for Australia pose no problem.
  2. Beer and red wine – OK, I do like my beer for relaxation and red wine accompanying Good Mrs fantastic home cooked food. Perhaps somewhat less of those liquids once the first 4 weeks are gone. I hardly ever drink anything else with alcohol.
  3. Sugar – I got an excuse here. I have low blood sugar, the opposite of diabetes although I believe it is also called diabetes. I need sugar, particularly after hard exercise when I shake otherwise. Sugar intake can, and should, of course be minimised.



Go Hiking, Travelling and ENJOY LIFE!!

2 thoughts on “Reflective mood for 2017 (A checklist)

  1. I am catching up with your blog and I can see that I have missed a lot. But no more, from now on I will be notified of your posts.
    I like your 10 main yearly resolutions. As you may guess I like a lot the one about books. You do not write about it much or I have not found it yet. Would be good to find it.
    You are very well organised and your posts show it. Nice clear structure coming from clear thinking.

    1. The books I’ve read are partly included in the monthly learnings posts. Whenever I learnt something from them, worth noting. However, I may write a seperate post about books. I am considering writing a post about Melbourne Public Library which I have become a huge fan of. Maybe one post to cover both topics?

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