Viva Las Vegas… With Elvis… And then hiking in Utah

In less than 24 hours, Good Mrs and I will be leaving Melbourne, Australia for Los Angeles, CA and onto Las Vegas, NV.

We will have a 3+ weeks break in the US where the number one Las Vegas entertainer of all times will renew our vows. Elvis of course. The KING. On Saturday 9 April. Which is exactly 10 years on the day since Good Mrs and I got married.

Nothing serious of course. All for a laugh. I wanted to do this ever since I saw the movie “Honeymoon in Vegas” with Nicolas Cage and Sarah Jessica Parker back in the 80s. In the final scene of that movie, they get married and are surrounded by Elvis impersonators. So bad it’s good…

When we first raised the prospect of going to Vegas for our 10 year wedding anniversary among friends and family, lots said that they would attend.

As time went by, almost all have prioritised other things. So now it will just be Good Mrs and I, my Mother In Law with her husband and a fellow Peregrino from my Santiago de Compostela walk with “man”. Now we will be 6 people all up.

A bit disappointing with the shortage of “witnesses” I may say, but it is their loss. Turning down the opportunity to meet the KING.

Post the 4 nights in Las Vegas, NV, Good Mrs and I have hired a car. We will drive in an anticlockwise loop and visit some of the great national parks in southern Utah. Eventually we will end up at Los Angeles International Airport. There, we will drop off the car and fly home again.

After the limited space in the backpack when walking Camino de Santiago, packing seems now like a breeze. So much space. And not have to worry too much about the weight.

The Aldi bag below contains the outfit for my encounter with Elvis on Saturday.

No disclosure beforehand. All I can say is that my pants cost $15 at Salvos and that my shirt cost $289 from a fashion retailer in Melbourne. It will all be revealed on the night. Good Mrs got her outfit from a place called Off Ya Tree in Melbourne.

And yes, there will be a whole box of e-cables packed and I will bring my laptop too.


The view below looked awfully familiar to me from my Camino de Santiago preparations. Same setup, but with a new digital compact camera as the old one got moisture inside. The earlier camera had a long and productive life so it could retire with dignity.

I even dug out that $15 wrist watch I bought at Queen Victoria Markets in Melbourne for Camino alburgues at night.


So now it is just a waiting game. Everything is organised and almost everything is packed (there are a few items that will have to wait until tomorrow morning). Well, Good Mrs is still working so she will have a few more things to pack tonight, but I am ready. Can’t wait…

Viva Las Vegas. It’s now… or never…

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