What’s about this blog?


As this is the first post on the Hans The Hiker blog under the category of “Thinking”, I will use the post to elaborate. What this blog is all about and its make up. Why there are 3 quite seperate main categories.

Some background

Good Mrs (also known as my wife) and I have been blogging during our travels for some years. We have enjoyed it but it has been somewhat crude blogging. Lots of photos which seemed appreciated by the readers but with accompanying text added “on the run”. We also used Blogger rather than WordPress which has its limitations.

I walked the 775km Camino de Santiago in northern Spain in September and October 2015. It was an amazing experience where I blogged at the end of every single day. (Well almost. Occasionally, I did the blogging in the morning or next day.) I was using the Blogger app while typing with one finger into an iPhone. It sort of worked.

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What I realised during all those Camino evenings is that I enjoyed the blogging despite its limitations. The writing relaxed me. I found it therapeutic and satisfying. Particularly as more and more other pilgrims found out about my blogging and wanted to know the name of the site. The pilgrims then passed on the name to family and friends in their respective countries. Suddenly, people from around the world were reading it. That felt even more rewarding.

Returning home to Melbourne, Australia after the Camino, I signed up for an online blogging course. Social media aware budget travellers may know Nomadic Matt (nomadicmatt.com).

Matt had just launched this course called “The Business of Travel Blogging”.  Timing seemed perfect. Even though my initial intentions was for a hiking blog rather than a travel blog, I joined. The topics were close enough. And if the hiking blog worked out, a “better” travel blog would be next.

I set up this Hans The Hiker blog using WordPress and parameters as per Matt’s course notes and now I am learning… Learning by doing as well as by reading.

There are 3 different main categories because…

…while the name of the blog is Hans The Hiker, I don’t want to limit this blog to just hiking.

Yes, I am aware of that one of the pillars to blog success is maintaining a narrow focus and becoming an “expert” in your chosen field.

I live in an amazing city, Melbourne, and I would like to include some stories from there too.

I also felt that I needed a seperate outlet for my urge to write. An outlet that may cover everything and anything. Thoughts and opinions. Outside of Hiking and outside of hometown Melbourne.


Hence, Hans The Hiker has the 3 main categories of:

  • Hiking – mostly day hikes and what many may just call walking
  • Hometown – stories from Melbourne
  • Thinking – from the head or from the heart (hopefully)

Camino de Santiago Blog

I have copied across my complete Camino de Santiago blog from Blogger to this Hans The Hiker blog. You will find all these posts under the tag of Camino Frances or under the sub-category of Camino de Santiago. There are even a few posts from my Camino preparation.


The original English language I used is somewhat poor. After all, I did write most of them at the end of a long hiking day. Over time, I plan to review all these posts and rewrite as necessary.

Other “old” posts

I have included a number of old hiking posts from travels in the US, Europe and Australia. These posts were initially in travel blogs written at the time. I will add more of these posts over time. There were some fantastic hikes, particularly in the US.

Errors and Corrections

So if there are quirks and oddities in this blog that do not make sense, you now know why. I am thankful to receive constructive criticism. Please send me a message.

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    1. I had a food category as I created the blog. But then I removed it. There were too many diverse topics. I have suggested to Good Mrs to create her own food blog. One day…

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