Cycling Federation, Kororoit, M80 and Marybyrnong Creek Trails 70km

Cycling the Federation Trail from Werribee to town was on the cards today. This beautiful day with light winds and after all that rain lately.

In the end, I cycled a succession of trails. Federation Trail followed by Kororoit Creek Trail, M80 Trail and Marybyrnong Creek Trail.

Apologies yet again for the gap in the map. The Runkeeper app just doesn’t play ball after 40km or so.

First off, train to Werribee station. The Werribee River with a trail alongside are just next to the station. Not far from where the Federation Trail starts.

Following Werribee River

Beautiful, isn’t it? Would you believe that this is next to outer suburbia?

Werribee River with trail

Soon enough, you reach Princes Freeway. And the beginning of the Federation Trail. Can you guess which bridge belongs to which?

Princes Freeway to the left and old sewer bridge / start of Federation Trail to the right

There is a further 3rd bridge to the far right above. For pedestrians and maintenance vehicles. I did cross that 3rd bridge for curiosity and found the below on the other side.

Life in New Werribee is living in shipping containers?

Shipping containers in Werribee next to Princes Freeway

Federation Trail

The Federation Trail follows Melbourne’s first outfall sewer, which stretched westwards out of town to Port Phillip Bay. To south of current day Werribee. Most likely the Federation Trail is the old maintenance trail for the sewer.

The trail started next to those bridges above where this sign was. Duncans Road is not part of the trail.

Southern most sign for the Federation Trail

Plenty of signage along the way, explaining the history of the sewer. A cool 100+ years old and must have been an engineering marvel at the time.

Background to Melbourne’s first outfall sewer.

The remnants of the sewer was soon visible as I cycled northeast. Whether this section is in use today or not, I don’t know. It looked somewhat newish. The sewer was either open, closed or buried.

Federation Trail and old sewer

There are sections of the Federation Trail which divert away from the sewer line. In particular around Hopper’s Crossing’s train station.

You can see the lack of a surfaced trail in the picture below looking back. I arrived from the left as there is no trail just here.

Back to along the sewer after Hopper’s Crossing

A couple of pictures of historical sewer constructions.

Remnants of Melbourne’s first outfall sewer

Well, this section is obviously no longer in use.

Remnants of Melbourne’s first outfall sewer 2

Well, I can bore you dear reader with lots of straight line trail and sewer pictures… Instead, I found this signage which perhaps does not send quite the right signals.

And with a straight trail and straight sewer line next to it… Illustrative for how it looked for long patches.

“Open Sewer”

My first break for the day was here. Where Kororoit Creek Trail crosses Federation Trail. Kororoit Creek itself is just behind me.

Federation Trail x Kororoit Creek Trail

This area of Melbourne is quite industrial and not always scenic.

Federation Trail is now almost done so I decided to cycle north on Kororoit Creek Trail instead. A new trail to explore…

Kororoit Creek Trail

I think this area is Laverton North west of Brooklyn. The industrial theme continued.

Cycling north on Kororoit Creek Trail

Soon, it got more attractive. I liked this old bridge, transformed into a new life as a combined pedestrian and cycle crossing.

Combined pedestrian and cycle bridge somewhere between Sunshine West and Sunshine

M80 Trail

I arrived at M80 and from there it was M80 trail northeast. Advertising of dirt cheap land next to the freeway did still not attract any takers. Is that $5 per week or month or…?

Land for lease, but no takers

My intention was to cycle the M80 Trail to Brimbank Park where I have been before. Looking down from a freeway bridge just before the park and you can visualise activity down there at times.

“Fun park” for mountain and other bikers

Marybyrnong Creek Trail

Marybyrnong Creek Trail from Brimbank Park back to town I know well. A familiar bike route which I have also walked with a backpack practicing for the Camino.

Today, there were issues. Lots of rain in Victoria lately and serious flooding on the trail.

Flooding on Marybyrnong Creek Trail – from the north

What to do? What had others done? They had walked up on the side with or without bikes and circumvented the water.

It took me a few attempts just to get up there with my bike. Muddy and slippery as…

Finally me and me bike got up the hill

From the other side of the flooding, it looked like this.

Flooding on Marybyrnong Creek Trail – from the south

Ha! I remembered earlier seeing red and white chequered tape on the ground, but didn’t think reflect on it. I just went across a closed section of the trail. That figures…

Marybyrnong Creek Trail section closed

I finish off with a sea of green plastic as the weather closed in. They were serious in revegetating this section…

A sea of green plastic…

Next, I cycled Marybyrnong Creek Trail to Footscray Road on to Docklands and then back to the city.

In summary, a lovely bike ride of around 70km, but I wouldn’t recommend it for walking. Flat as a pancake for most of it except for some sections along Kororoit Creek Trail.

Yes, another lovely day out followed by a 25km walk the next day. But that is all in the next post…

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